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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Feeling good

These are finished and count as my 10th finish of the year. I have a tag above showing all items I have made. 
 I love the colours and they were a joy to knit, and quick as these are a smaller size than I normally knit. I am now pushing on with my jumper. 
My wool order arrived, these are for the Leftie shawl, not normally colours I would choose, but they go well together, this won't be started for a while.
 These just because I love the colours, plus they were on sale and took my order to a level for free delivery, I hate paying for delivery.
 Hubby liked the colours in this yarn, I need two balls he is a shoe size 11/12, whilst I was sorting I found the leftovers from his last socks, and the heather will look good on the top, heel and toes.
 These yarns were in my leftover bag, the plain green from hubbies socks and the mixed colour from my last pair. I weighted the mix colour yarn 40grms, so using the green for top, heel and toes, I have enough yarn for another pair of sock. Tell me how many pairs of socks does one person need, I think I might make some for Christmas gifts. 
I have finished reading One good turn by Kate Atkinson, the story line is good, but the author gives each character loads of thoughts and memories, which often does not feel relevant, but the end was good, I never saw it coming, I will probaly not chose another of her books to read. I purchased the book below after reading about on Eileen's blog, it's her book club read.
I'm a bit anoyed, I booked to go on a needle felting day course, it's something I have wanted to do for ages, and it's due in 3 weeks. I got an email last night to say the course has been cancelled, I could rebook or have a refund. I have gone for the refund, I understand when the numbers don't make the course profitable, but the venue is in the country side, and I had to book a night away in a seperate hotel, and I won't be refunded for not using the room. I have decided to use the refund to purchase a couple of kits and teach myself.
I spent most of Wednesday in the garden, I painted my shed twice, and did some cutting back and sorting, we uncovered the wooden garden furniture. Hubby painted the top half of our bungalow white and the small garden wall, everywhere is looking good. Being outside in the sunshine is bliss, roll on summer.
Later fish and chips and a glass of red wine, perfect way to finish the day.


  1. There is absolutely no limit as to how many pairs of socks a person needs. The only restrictions are space and yarn supply. Like you I never pay for yarn delivery, I am careful to go just over the threshold. I am planning on some time in the garden at the weekend, Herbie needs a close eye all the time as if it is wood he WILL make sawdust. it takes 2 of us to watch him properly, he gets told off and is fully submissive but 2 seconds later the joy of shewing just wipes his mind clean.

  2. Your socks are always so beautiful. I've been doing a little more on my crochet blanket, but nothing much else. We got out into the garden yesterday to cut the grass. Best, Jane x

  3. How annoying about your hotel booking? Are you and hubby going to go away for a night anyway? I love your knitted socks, it must be great to be able to knit your own. Are they more hardwearing than bought socks? I don't think you can ever have too many, save for when they don't fit in your sock drawer!! They'd make great gifts.

    1. We did consider using the room, but it's not close to anywhere to visit, so we will probably just leave it.

  4. I can't stop knitting socks at the moment they're so quick and satisfying and have picked up some good quality yarn very cheap

  5. It's been nice to get out in the garden at last hasn't it, I've been in mine all afternoon tidying up and cutting the grass 😁 Sorry you needle felting class was cancelled perhaps you might find another one. I read the Storyteller and thought it was really good, starts off slow but stick with it it gets so much better.

  6. I love all the socks you've been knitting, some really lovely colours! And I'm sorry to hear that your trip hasn't worked out, how disappointing for you :(
    Have a lovely weekend, hopefully the sun is going to shine! x



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