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Monday, 11 March 2019

Catch up

Far too many blossoms on the lawn
 Still looking good, it did take a beating in the wind on Sunday. The fence behind is very wobbly, there are a couple of loose post, both need sorting from the other side, but they are not interested in maintenance and won't let us in to sort the issue. 
I loved this rain chain.
 New snips for my garden, my old set closing spring has broken so they don't close and are difficult to handle when I put them down as the blades are still very sharp. 
We had a wonderful couple of days away, Friday my sister and I went to a couple small nursery's, and a crafting home shop, The Range, I got some cacti and a few summer bulbs, it's to early to plant, but I am keeping them inside for a few weeks. We had a lovely cream tea out, neither of us wanted to eat too much as we had a meal planned for later.
Friday night we went to a Thai restaurant and had a fantastic meal, I always enjoy have evening out with my sister and 2 brothers, I have another older sister, brother, and SIL, but they rarely want to join us. On the way to the taxi rank, we passed a cocktail bar, younger brother (he's 58), suggested we pop in, it was great fun, I stayed on red wine, it was great fun, but a late night.
Needless to say I had a bit of a headache on Sunday morning, hubby was OK, he did not drink in the bar as he was driving the next day.
Saturday we were home by 1pm, so a lazy lunch and hubby watched Wales play Scotland. We caught up on a few missed TV programmes in the evening and had an early night.
Sunday hubby cancelled his motorbike trip with friends, just far to windy, we popped to town for a couple of hours and then we had a lazy afternoon at home. Hubby purchased the rain chain for me, I was going to pass, but he loved it as well, the snips were a great bargain, saving £5 on the cost.  I spent time online tracking down the red wine we had with our meal on Friday night, it was perfect for my taste, I took a photo of the label, it's not shown as available in any supermarkets, but we tracked it down and will order 6 bottles, when we get back from our trip to Liverpool next week.

Today is Will's playday,  we have not seen him for a few days, he has gone up a level in his nursey, and we have noticed many changes in him, he is talking more, and becoming really interesting.


  1. There seem to be a lot of gardening bargains about at the moment. A shame we are predicted another wet and windy week although it's more time for indoor activities.

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. It's been so windy here too, a shame you've lost so many blooms but there's still plenty left on the tree. I used to have a really good pair of Felco secateurs but Mick lost them when we had the allotment, I should have bought a cheap pair for him to use as he ends up losing lots of things.

  3. Love the mini watering cans hanging.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. We're having a lot of wind here in the northeast of the US. Our temperature have finally gotten to just a touch above freezing, but with the wind it is hard to tell. I can't believe your neighbors won't let you in to fix the fence - it would benefit them too!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful family time. I live very far(5 to 6 hours by plane) from my sister. Even more from my grand children. I think a Spring trip is coming. I miss them all. Enjoy Will.



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