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Saturday, 2 March 2019

Blooming wonderful

I have read online in a few different places how good this book is, so I decided to get a copy. It is perfect to take me up levels, I have already seen a couple of things to make, exciting times. It's an easy book to read, passing loads of tips on, with good instructional photo's. 
 A couple of cheap books to read, £1 each, I have never read either of these authors.  Thirteen is a brilliant read, I could not put it down, my taste in books is changing. 
 I got this plant last November, knowing all the buds would fall off once I got it home, they do not like any change in their environment, it now lives on our downstairs bathroom window sill, I can't wait for the 1st proper blooms to form. 
Amaryllis time again, these flowers are stunning
 With 3 buds I feel spoilt, so much joy to come.
 Hubby got me these on 14th and they are still healthy and bright, he purchased them from our Wednesday market garden stand, they are lasting much longer than the supermarket flowers and they did not have any plastic around them, a double wins for us. 
None of my Orchids are in flower at this time, but as you can see I do have loads of colour in the house, outside the Magnolia tree is full of pink buds, I am keeping everything crossed the windy weather does not remove them all from the branches, the garden has swathes of yellow from both large and small daffodils. 
It's raining here, which I don't mind, I am hoping it stops enough for me to walk to the village this morning, if not I will have to go Monday, I hate being cold and wet. Tomorrow the rain is going to be really heavy, we have decided it will be a day at home, crafting for me.
We popped to Lidl's yesterday to for a few things and some bottles of wine, we again did not buy anything non edible, afterwards we popped to our local Co-op and picked up a few yellow stick meat joints, two being boned and rolled shoulder of lamb, I did comment my mum would be shocked at how much we now pay for this cheap cut of meat, but in the slow cooker it's a great meal. We are keeping the freezer and our store cupboards well stocked just in case, we don't use much milk, so we could go weeks without needing to shop.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I'm no good with houseplants. Meat is so expensive isn't it?! Twice a year we get half a lamb from the Farmer's Market. Half a lamb costs £55, but the amount of meat you get for your money is phenomenal! Last year we weighed it and calculated it at just over £2 a lb. We bag it into meal size pieces and joints and freeze it. We already have our spring lamb ordered for April. This also helps the local farmers as the supermarkets pay them very little for their lamb, then sell it very expensively. Best, Jane x

  2. I'm very jealous you've got three stems on your amaryllis, my parents have got two on theirs but I've only got one on mine. It's got loads of leaves though, I've never had that before, the foliage is usually quite sparse on the ones I've grown in the past until the flowers are spent. My orchid isn't in flower at the moment either but it's growing a new leaf. Meat really has increased in price. I used to buy brisket, which was also a cheap cut. It's beautiful when cooked slowly. It used to be very reasonably priced but it's really expensive now so we rarely buy it.

  3. Carnations and pinks are some of my favourite flowers - last for ages, lots of beautiful colours and the pinks especially smell gorgeous, plus they're such good value for money.

    And yes meat is becoming very expensive, as is fish. We don't want to become vegetarian but are certainly eating less meat now.

  4. I have some beautiful yellow roses, unfortunately scentless, that were a gift. The weaving book looks interesting, I have read both those authors and enjoyed them. I will be looking out for 13, it looks like my sort of reading material.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful! I have a limited number of house plants now due to our plant-loving cats. The ones I do have are all on one table and surrounded by some cactus to keep the cats out. When my mother-in-law was alive and lived with us, she used to have carnations on her chairside table all the time, but I would have to shut them in the closet every night. She couldn't see very well but the bright colors made her happy.

  6. That's a lot of flowers on your amaryllis, the flowers on mine have died now but its started to send out some leaves at the bottom??

  7. Ooo that weaving book looks interesting. Also I do that with books I cycle through moods but always seem to congee full circle eventually.



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