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Wednesday, 6 March 2019


I made a couple of cards, I do love this 'thanks' it can be used in many different ways
 I made and sent this bag to Carole, who won my recent giveaway, it was a last minute decision to make it from fabrics from my stash. 

My 1st sock is finished, I am loving the shades on this yarn. 
 Will with his new jumper, not the best of photo's, getting him to stand still was the issue, it fits him well, he was excited to wear nanna's jumper. No laughing at his socks, they have non slip bottoms, so he is safe on our wooden floors, he does not like to wear slippers.
 Last Sunday was wet all day, so I had time to make a few items, I love to get my sewing machine out, the bags are very quick to make, I don't require a pattern, I just cut out and sew, I added the red binding to the top because of the tiny amounts of red in the design, I think it works well. I have enough fabric to make another, but it's packed away for now.
Sign class was great fun on Tuesday, our hedgehog poem is coming along, plus it was pancake day, so we had them for our lunch. I did not do too much in the afternoon, the weather is keeping me inside, so I was able to knit.
This morning we met Will and mummy in town after his swimming lesson, he loves our local cafe, they all know him, plus they always have a good selection of cakes, and then a trip to the dentist for me, which went well a small filling and some hygiene work. We popped to the bank to ask questions regarding our bank accounts, 1 account has a monthly charge, giving us cover on things which we can't use, so we are changing that account and also our credit card, which we don't use often and never leave a balance on, both will meet our needs, the account saving us money, the credit card earning us money when we do use it. 
Now I'm going to get my knitting needle out, mug of coffee and chill.


  1. Awww, Will looks so smart in his new jumper! I love your pretty cards and the seaside theme bag is delightful. I get those little boxes of pretty cards by Paper Place from The Works. They seem to be on a permanent BOGOF so I have several boxes. I like that they are blank inside and you can use them for whatever you want. Best, Jane x

  2. Such pretty cards and a lovely bag, which I'm sure will be very useful. Will's jumper fits him well. It's been an indoor day here, even Archie turned his nose up at going out in the torrential rain, though it's stopped now and the sun is putting in an appearance.

  3. I use sock stop on the bottoms of my house socks, it works really well. Will looks really proud of his new jumper, and rightly so.

  4. Oh my that jumper looks so cute on him! Such beautiful work. I'm looking forward to colder weather here to be able to wear my makes again. Also lovely socks.

  5. Love Wills jumper, a sweet photograph.

    All the best Jan

  6. You're so talented! Love the bag with the red trim - makes me think of summer and warmth. Will looks so adorable in his new jumper. Blue must be his color!

  7. You are very talented. I love all of your makes. Well done. Will is growing so fast.

  8. The bag is really lovely it will be very useful thankyou again Marlene .carole x

  9. Loving the fabric on the bag, what a great useful gift.
    Will's jumper looks perfect, nice and cosy. He's a handsome chap.

  10. Oh rain, that would be so nice here. I miss it. Hopefully we'll see some soon. Love your cards. They're so welcoming. And little Will is such a cutie, in his new jumper. :)

  11. The cards are so pretty and I love the beach scene bag. The jumper fits Will very well - I hope mine turns out to look as nice (I know it won't but I can hope!). I am now stuck on the sewing up even with the help of You Tube - it seems the sewing up should be considered before you begin knitting and do fancy things with the edges in readiness. The pattern didn't mention any of that it just says make it up! I think I will be making it up but not in the way they mean.

    1. When stitching up, use the same yarn, don't make your stitches too tight, and stay close to the edge to stop it being bulky. It's not too hard, just take your time and be neat as you can.



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