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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Finish, so I will start another.

Another matching pair, with glitter running through
 Love the stripes
Another start, I'm loving the shades in this yarn
 I enjoy knitting with the German Opal brand. 
I should really be knitting the sleeves of my jumper now I have finished my socks, but I was so tuned into sock knitting, I put another pair on my needles, it does help these knit up so quickly. But after all the glitter I decided to go for a softer shade.
I am itching to get working on my loom, at the weekend I ordered another 12 dent heddle bar, which arrived yesterday, it matches the one I have, now I can try either using much thinner yarn, and making a piece which looks more like linen, or I can try double the width of my work, linking both heddles together. Both ways has it challenges, but I do want to try both, I also purchased a couple more stick shuttles, so I can use 4 colours in the same work and a couple of pick up sticks, these will help me tidy the beginning of my work and also help when creating designs in my weaving. The cost has been added to my stash list, but I feel I have everything I require for my weaving.
We had Will yesterday, we could not go into the garden, it was far to wet, but we had fun with inside toys, he slept on our spare bed for the 1st time, normally we put up a travel cot, but he's in a bed at home, he was good and slept well, the spare bedroom is on the ground floor so we could leave the door open, he woke up and came to find us.
We had a few hail storms yesterday, at one point the ground was white, March is here with it's crazy weather, but as my mum always said, March in like a lion, out like a lamb, I do hope so.


  1. I have never tried weaving but I do make socks. I had one and a half socks sitting in the basket for ever and picked then up yesterday, only got the toe to do now and they are done. Once I pick them up and start again I wonder why I left it so long. Going to get another pair started today.

  2. Socks are so addictive and they can be put down in an instant if you need to do something in a hurry. I nearly always have a pair on the needles.

  3. Such lovely socks and you've matched them up perfectly. I knew you'd get the bug as soon as you started knitting them, I usually always have a pair on the needles. We didn't get any hail here yesterday but the wind was terrible.

  4. Love the socks I was thrilled to find a ball of sock wool on my local market today for £1 x

  5. Wonderful matched pair of socks.
    Made me smile, that you casted on another pair .... you are addicted to sock knitting!



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