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Monday, 28 August 2017

Bank holiday

I did well from the clearance section of B&Q
Plus primroses from garden center
 I separated into 3 plants Nemesia, got for £1
The daisy marked £3 was in fact £2 at the till
 I have put it into a larger pot for the winter months
I renewed the compost in the primroses, reduced to £4.99, replanted 3 plants
There were another 4 small plants which I have put into another pot. 
I call these plants English marigolds, I know they have another name
I could not get any seeds, so a neighbour let me dig up these from their garden,
 they self seed every year. 
 These are in my raised cut flower bed. 
 I'm still reading Italian Girl, 
neither book  was brilliant, but still enjoying reading them 
 We are off to a BBQ later, so I made a Spanish Omelette
It stuck to the bottom of the pan
but it won't change the taste 
 Our local shoe shop has closed, they had a final reduction, these were £14.99 each, 
retail price for both should have been £125.00 
Good leather shoes at a low price, just had to get them. 
It's a perfect Bank Holiday weekend here, hot sunny days, no rain in the immediate fore caste. We decided to stay at home for a few days, the local roads are always so busy.
Saturday we were in the garden, me in back, hubby in front, he has renewed the compost for 2 Azaleas from Wins into pots, they now look good in our front garden. We had Will in the evening for a sleep over.
Sunday, We were up early, Will sleeps well but is awake by 7am, we had an early walk through our park, Will loves to watch people and dogs. He was crawling after our cats once home, we now have to watch him. After lunch mummy popped in for a while, then I settled down to an afternoon reading, in the shade. I had a bit too much sun on Saturday. We watched TV for the first time in ages, watching Cuckoo Calling, we have both read the book and wanted to see how TV deals with the plot, we were both pleased.
Today I made the Spanish Omelette, hubby did a bit of ironing, and soon we will go to an afternoon BBQ, I will see loads of workmates from a few years ago.
I am pleased with my spending this month, I have under spent again, this is mainly because I am doing no craft, but I am beginning to think of projects to do.


  1. I love nemesia, but be careful through winter, I lost mine. Your new shoes were such a bargain. It's a shame when independent shops close down, we used to have quite a few shoe shops around here and now there's none, we have to travel when we want to buy a pair of shoes. I taped Cuckoo Calling so I'll get to watch that at some point this week. Enjoy the barbecue.

  2. I watched the cuckoo calling. It was good. English marigolds are also known as calendula officialis or some thing similar I think. I am still sowing seed I collected over five years ago from some at my allotment and they still germinate from them. Great as edible flowers in a salad too.

  3. Great shoe bargains there. I use the Clark's outlet online store as I know my size they are at least half price.

  4. Great bargain your shoes were.
    We taped Cuckoo Calling so will watch it this week.

  5. Lovely bargain shoes, but it's a shame the shop is closing. I don't know though who would actually ever pay £125 for shoes! No idea what Cuckoo Calling is, but I think I'll have to look it up!

  6. I can never get ranunculus to grow here. Great selection of plants.



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