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Friday 22 December 2017

What day is it?

Loads of buds in our garden, 
our weather is super mild and my poor garden is confused. 
Amaryllis, just starting to show.  
 Hyacinth, another try at growing these bulbs.
A new tree in our local park. 
I am totally lost to what day of the week it is today, feels like a Saturday, but I'm not sure, I have lost all notion of the days of the week. Having said that I did get to my hair appointment this morning, and we have nothing planned before Sunday evening, when we have been invited to our neighbours house for a festive drink, a few neighbours are going, so it should be fun.
We walked to the village today, our local Co-op had loads of fresh veg, cream and last minute items, all looking good and a great date, so we got everything today, saves an early morning dash tomorrow. We used our points we have saved, so the shopping cost nothing, plus we still have some money left, for early January.
I have had my sewing machine out to finish Will's cot quilt and I am having a few problems, the walking foot is working, but I keep getting a tangled mess on the underside from the bobbin. I have checked my machine and it is working OK, my test piece shows no issue, but once I start on the bigger quilt it starts to go wrong. I will chat to my sister later and if necessary go on youtube to see how to resolve the issues. My sister has taken a quilting course, so she knows more than I do, I have done small quilting before but nothing on this scale, it is not his Christmas present, so I'm not in a rush to get it done.
I was really pleased to see a new tree planted in out local park, we have not lost any to bad weather, so it is pleasing to see another lovely tree added to our wonderful park, we are aware not all councils can afford to do much with parks, but our is well maintained.


  1. It has gone mild here also, you just reminded my I forgot to plant my Amarylis.

  2. I haven't got an amayrillis this year but I have got some hyacinths and I've also treated myself to a Christmas cactus. I don't really do houseplants but I'd like to keep the cactus going if I can. I'm just waiting for Mick to get back now from Surrey with Daniel and his girlfriend, I'm just hoping that the traffic isn't too bad.

  3. It's making me wish I'd done some hyacinth now. Do you need to increase your pressure on the machine so the walking foot grips the material better and moves it along. If I was seeing something thick that's what I'd do.

  4. i treated myself to a pot of Narcissus whilst buying one for a present. I passed two annual Marigolds in flower and a Cherry tree in blossom today - I don't think the plants know what day or season it is despite the frosts we have had. Have a lovely Christmas.

  5. I think the combination of being retired and the holidays making it confusing as to the day of the week! We are doing different things than a normal week. Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. I have an Ammarylis growing and some hyacinths I love there scent.

  7. Try re-threading your machine. I kept having the tangle problem and the Husquavarna help suggested completely re-threading the top-hey presto, no more problems. I have a quilt to finish for DH but he knows it's not done and is happy to wait. Catriona

  8. I have never seen an AMaryllis grown in a deeper vase. I LIKE that. I'm going to save that picture for next Christmas ideas.



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