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Saturday 2 December 2017


This came yesterday
 Along with book 7
 Pure pleasure
When you import as a photo, the video does not play
My neighbour across the road, Chris has hearing problems, she is very good at lip reading and unless you are told you would not notice. For the past year she has been learning to sign, something I would love to do, so I got this book, with the hope of joining her class in the new year. If I can't get into the classes I will teach myself.
My blog book for 2016 came, the task of importing by hand was not as bad as I feared, once I had established a system, it all became much quicker. Purchased on Black Friday with a 50% discount, with postage I paid just under £40.00,  I can still use better quality pages and finishes and pay much less.
Our friends came over yesterday after school with their children, Jack 2 and Maddie 5, they came to see our decorations, poor mum could not relax, as most of the decorations on our tree are glass, so I ensure both children checked everything on our tree, their faces were full of wonder, it was a lovely moment. Santa on the motorbike was a huge hit, as was another Santa I have who sings and wobbles about.
Later we went to our village for the switching on of the lights, local schools sang for us, it was very cold but really enjoyable. Our main street is only small (we are close to Cities,
Portsmouth and Southampton), and the locals have to raise the monies themselves for any festive.


  1. Ha ha, I think Santa on his motorbike will be a big hit with Will. My dad used to work with someone who was deaf and he used to go along to a social club for the deaf with him. Consequently, he learnt to sign and it came in really handy in all manner of situations. He taught me the alphabet so I can spell things out but I don't know any other signs.

  2. It is lovely to have children around at Christmas. So nice of you to share your tree with them.

  3. That's very thoughtful and caring of you. I remember those glass Christmas tree decorations. If you broke one they'd shatter into a thousand pieces. But they were beautiful.

  4. I should so get those books fro my blog as well! Where do you get them done? It would cost me a fortune now I bet with so many years to catch up on! Great idea though.



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