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Monday 4 December 2017

Play day

This hat has been used by all our grandsons
It did get a bit too much
Our tree survived 
Festive drinks
Cake finished
We had Will all day, he has been away at Grandma's and Grandpa's house, so it's the first time is over  a week. He looks so much taller, plus he now has four teeth, not that mummy and daddy realised the top two were coming through. He loved my Christmas hat, purchased at Disney Land Paris, many, many years ago, I have a photo of Josh wearing it on his 1st Christmas, Josh is now 12.
Will loved the two new toys and played on the floor most of the day, our singing Santa on the motorbike went down well, I had to play the video from my phone to him as he went wild for the model.
Our tree survived, in fact once he had crawled past it a couple of times to get to the window to the garden, he was very good, he also loved the wobbly Santa we have, which he could play with.
I have a new table decoration (well new to me), our local community center had their Christmas Fare on Saturday, so we popped along, the pot with lights was just £6 and perfect for our table. Hubby also won a bottle of wine, the tickets cost us £1 each, we both had a go, but I was unlucky.
I have started drinking my spice berry cordial, I love the taste, it's like mulled wine, without the wine, very festive.
I put a notice on our local facebook page asking for anyone who makes cake toppers, had a few recommendations for one lady, the snowmen were a good price and a perfect finish for my cake.
PS I've got my Christmas header again this month.


  1. He really is a sweetie. Love the sound of the drink.

  2. He is absolutely adorable in that hat!! Such fun.

  3. I think Santa on his motorbike must have worn Will out. Christmas is a lovely time when you've got children of that age just beginning to take it all in. Your cake looks wonderful, the snowmen are perfect.

  4. I've just been catching up on blogs. Your decorations look nice. I love the fake candles that have come out. I have a couple that I use in our house on shelves that are rather high up to reach. They turn on for four hours every evening on their own. Your cake is so cute. And I bet Will did love the Santa Claus on the motorbike. Good job on the budget by the way!

  5. I adore that stage when wee ones can stand like that. He's a beautiful child and thank you for sharing your photos. Catriona



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