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Tuesday 26 December 2017

Christmas day

 Will with his first Christmas stocking
Daughter wanted us all to dress the same this year
Will with daddy

We shared a great day with family, daughter, SIL and my brother, all dressed in our Asda matching PJ's, which were very comfortable, I was so pleased to get Will a matching set. I think we may have started another Christmas family tradition.
We have huge amounts of food left, I have just blended all the veg left from our dinner into a nice soup, which will last most of the week for lunches.
We took our walk along the sea front, this year at Stokes bay, we went early to avoid the fore cast rain, which now has arrived. The rest of the day is inside, no-one has any desire to go to Boxing day sales.


  1. Love the PJ's! Merry Christmas x

  2. You all look so cute I your jammies. I know it is becoming quite the thing here i the states.

    We had a GREAT snow fall starting about midnight Dec 24. B y the time we left for my brother's house, around 4:00, we had almost 4" with ice . . . not fun driving but BEAUTIFUL to look at.

    Today the temperatures have gone from 5 degrees Farenheit to 6 then back to 5 . . bitter cold. Won't be going out much for a couple of days.

    Enjoy your leftovers. We have them from Christmas night and my nephews wife knows we like leftovers so she sent us home with leftovers from CHristmas day. We shall eat reheated food all week and I shall be enjoying every little bite :)

  3. I have been throwing bits in the freezer so it doesn't waste. Every year I buy less and we eat less!

  4. I'm so pleased you had a lovely day. You all look great in your matching pjs.

  5. Your matching pj's are such fun, what a great idea, so many people dress in 'posh clothes' that are impractical for playing on the floor with children.
    I've enjoyed my catch up read and your news.

  6. Best family Christmas photograph in blogland!! Xxx

  7. All the PJ's look great. Will is such a cutie!



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