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Wednesday 20 December 2017

On your marks

I have list everywhere,  I am a list maker
If not on paper then in my head, once it is on a list it's rare it is forgotten. 
Most of the items for Christmas has a tick against it.

Freezer - our freezer is full, we have purchased larger joints of meat on special, which we have cut in half and frozen, we have enough supplies in the freezer to last most of January.
Fridge - Is also full of items with a good date, cheeses, pate's, we always go to Somerset for the New Year, so we don't want anything not ate going off when we are away, plus we do take items to my brothers.
Fresh - So far we have sprouts cut ready to cook in the freezer, Lidl had their veg on special this week, our veg box is full, we have soups to make. We will get the late stuff from our local Co-op, we have saved £49 in points on their loyalty card, plus hubby was sent £50 of vouchers ( he retired from the Co-op a few years ago), so it will be a five minute walk to do last minute shopping, at a price we love free of charge. Monies left over will help in January.
Baking - Hubby does the baking, he will makes another batch of mince pies and sausage rolls, the first batch is almost gone, our friends know his baking skills are fantastic, so we get loads of people dropping in swapping cards and enjoying a mince pie with coffee. My baking was the cake which is ready for Christmas tea time.
Christmas - Everything is sorted, presents have been given, stocking fillers ready for the big night (everyone who has a bed in our house on Christmas Eve has a stocking in the morning).
This is the best run up to Christmas ever, most of our shopping was done early on a weekday, early December so no crowds, we have given most of our children and grandchildren cash for presents, not the best, but they have so much it is hard to know what to get them, plus most of what they want is far more expensive than we can afford.
I have been busy, sorting cupboards in our kitchen, and I am so very pleased with myself, I have pulled out the pots and packets, not as many as in previous years, we try not to eat process foods, so now we store different things than before. The reason I am so pleased is I had nothing out of date, so nothing to throw away, normally I would find a few things tucked in the back corner. We have been fighting waste all year, and use everything fresh without waste. Plus the cupboards are not overfull with stuff we might use.

 Su, Will and I popped into town on Tuesday, M&S had their Christmas decorations reduced, so two red and two green, £2 instead if £4 each. We had lunch at a local garden centre after seeing the raindeer.
I finished the two Christmas stockings, one for Will and a marching spare for a couple of years time( baby brother or sister) my brother, Martin arrived yesterday for a long break with us, so Christmas has started in our house.


  1. I am one for lists.
    How lovely you have a husband who bakes, lucky you.

  2. It feels so good when you're on top of everything. We started late this year, what with my mum being in hospital, but we've managed to catch up and most things are done. Daniel arrives home on Friday so that's when our Christmas will begin.

  3. You are very organised. Have a fabulous Christmas with your family and I look forward to reading your blog again in 2018.

  4. It sounds like you are super organised and ready for the big event. I am ready for a rest - just finished my last day at work tonight - after a good clean up tomorrow I will be ready to put my feet up.

  5. I bet Will had fun seeing the reindeer! I give money to my grand children as well. It can always go in their savings. My grandson saves his for a big purchase. Makes my life much easier!

  6. Sounds like you have got everything sorted, organised and under control :-)
    I still have some presents to wrap, (I don't like wrapping!!) I'm not doing a big food shop because we are at my middle daughters on Christmas day and in Christmases' past I have bought too much food and it ends up getting thrown out, (my husband is not a big eater), I will just do a normal shop on Friday or Saturday.
    I hope you have wonderful Christmas x

  7. You are so organised! Everyone has a stocking in our house too, even the pets. Hope you're able to put your feet up now and enjoy the festivities.
    Cathy x

  8. I too am a list maker. I have Christmas Eve planned out. We will have 10-12 people here to eat and play games. I have the games listed and will get everything ready tomorrow. The house is clean. We are ordering pizzas. I'll do a little baking on Saturday...and last minute stuff on Sunday. The Good Lord willing! Have a Merry Christmas!

    PS. My freezer is full too. We are blessed. I have bought two turkeys and two hams on sale for 97cents a pound. They were around $10.00 which is way cheaper than lunch meat.

  9. I'm a list maker too. Always have to add more but I always start small :)



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