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Sunday 17 December 2017

My favorite things

Jo at Through the keyhole is posting about her favorite things, it's the second time she has done a post on this topic, Rain drops on Roses
so here is my December list. 
Will with his Christmas jumper on, he is here to represent all our lovely grandsons, we do not see our boys often enough, distance and busy lives get in the way.
My Christmas tree, I love Christmas, the joy of families being together, warm, snug with loads of traditional features. I show my tree, because it's full of happy memories, I'm not one to theme a tree, just loads of decorations, purchased and made through out the years we have been together. Yesterday afternoon I watched It's a Wonderful Life, the best ever Christmas Movie. The best music for Christmas is the songs from The Gremlins, I love the big wall of sound from these American hits.
This drink is the taste of Christmas for me, the spices are festive, no alcohol, just pure enjoyment. I only drink it in December/January, drinking it hot, it does not work in other months of the year. The second taste is mince pies, hubby made our first batch last night, again we only eat them in December.
My garden is bare, but still I love the view, these cold dull days are all about the wildlife visiting the feeders at the bottom of the garden. A walk around my garden is like a bust of sunshine to me.
Books, I have been a bookworm all my life, but now I really do have time to read, and I am finding new authors all the time. 
Our girls, they always have a welcome when we get home, this time of years they are mostly in these baskets or on our laps. 
Cross stitch. I'm not stitching at this time, I have been sewing on my machine again. I never worry my stitching will come back it always does.

None of the above should be a surprise to my followers, family and my hubby are key to me, but it's a happy post on a dull Sunday morning.
We have had a quiet week, Will Slept over on Friday night so mummy and daddy could have a lovely late and lazy morning on Saturday.
Hubby and I had a small party night together last night, watching the Strictly final, pleased Joe won, but felt they all have become wonderful dancers.
Today we have nothing to do, how wonderful.


  1. Thank you for joining in, this was my twelfth Raindrops on Roses post, I've done one each month this year. I love your list, lots of my favourites are there too. Will is so cute in his Christmas jumper, he's growing so fast, it's such a shame that you don't get to see your other grandsons so often but as you say, distance and busy lives do get in the way. I'm the same with my Christmas tree, no colour schemes, just lots of lovely memories hung on the branches in the shape of decorations collected over the years. I enjoyed the Strictly final last night too, I was hoping that Debbie would win but I don't mind Joe, I'm just glad that Alexandra didn't win.

  2. Family, friends and home are also my favourite things.

  3. Lovely post although I am not reading it until teatime having been treated to lunch at a new Greek restaurant by our DD and SIL. They are off to sunny climes on Saturday so it'll be a very quiet Christmas at our house. I'm hoping to do lots of sewing now that all my boluntray classes are over. Catriona

  4. Lovely post, I think that many of us will share some, if not most, of your list. I would have to add walking Ben first thing on Christmas morning and then coming back to wake everyone up with a cuppa and the stockings.

  5. It's nice to reflect on things we like or have enjoyed over the month, it's a great idea of Jo's and i do enjoy reading her posts each month, I enjoyed reading your favourite things too.

  6. Your girls are lovely. I'm sure that they can't wait for the weather to get warmer again. Jx



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