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Thursday 28 December 2017

In between

Our snow fall on Tuesday night - Wednesday Morning
Just a sprinkle
 All my bulbs are growing.
We are again at the time in between celebrations, I like this time of year, home together, no excuse to have to go out, relaxing, catching up on TV, family time. Hubby and I have nothing to do, the place is tidy. 
The snow was all gone by 10am on Wednesday morning, and most of the standing water has gone as well.
My brother drove home to Somerset this morning, and is now safely warm in his own house, it has been a cold sunny day, so perfect for his drive home, traffic was busy, but no problems. 
We have only been to our local Co-op for bread and milk, we have no desire to shop in the sales. On a really sad note our local Co-op had  filled their Christmas Isle with Easter eggs, a tad bit early for me. Having said that we do not buy our grandsons Easter eggs, I rather give them a book each, they have far too much chocolate at Easter. 
For tea tonight we will use the last of the roast beef from Christmas lunch. Tomorrow I am using the last of the turkey in a pie, it's made and in the fridge. We have vegetable soups for lunches for the rest of this week. 
As I am not planning to go shopping this week I have sorted my final end of year figures for my stash list, I managed a no spend December and ended up spending £226.16 less than last year. I had not planned to save any money it just happened, I have not done much cross stitching this year, so a £30 spend was very low. I will keep my list going next year, it's fun to see where I spend my cash. 
Throughout January we are going to have a low spend, our freezer and cupboards are full, so the plan is to use as much as we can, we will have to shop, we do like our fresh vegetable soups for lunch, and if something we use is on a very low price we will stock up. We also have a good supply of cleaning and toiletries.


  1. That's a great saving you've made on your hobbies. It's good to see where you spend and where you make the savings. We had a little snow yesterday but not much, we've got a yellow warning for tomorrow though.

  2. I hate it when I see Easter Eggs in the shops a day after Christmas. We give our grand-children books too for Easter.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. I have yet to attend to the finances and see what the yearly report for 2017 looks like. I am hoping our Economising has made a difference but only the figures will tell.

  4. It must have been a day for leftovers. We finished the Christmas turkey. I love seeing the bulbs this time of year. After Christmas I'm ready for Spring!



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