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Friday 1 December 2017

It's Christmas time...

These have been part of our Christmas for years
 Putting some of my Santa's together
 My huge Christmas tree
                                   New this year                                      
Pagan displays

I managed to get all the decorations up, it took much longer than normal, but I enjoyed sorting what I have and placing things differently this year. It is nice to have the time, I found a couple of Christmas albums and sang along merrily. I have two new tree decorations hubby chose from Spain, and the white pot above, in which I put one of my artificial candles which lights the whole pot.
Each year I forget just how wide the tree is, but we do not use this entrance to the garden in the cooler months, so it sits well in this spot.
I am very pagan with my decorations, I love to see holly, Ivy, Berries and loads of Christmas flowers around the room, all are silk, which again I have owned for ages, plus loads of candles. This year I have put silk holly around my three big picture frames in the sitting room. I just have to find somewhere for my home made bunting.
I will leave you with our favorite display, he comes out each year, can't wait for Will to see him.


  1. We haven't got any decorations up yet but I'm hoping we'll be all trimmed up by next weekend when Eleanor's due home.

  2. Lovely displays Marlene, if we put up decorations (we don't), those are the kind I'd choose.

  3. It's nice to put up the decorations early and enjoy Christmas at a steady pace. We're going to buy the tree and decorate next weekend. Jx

  4. I just done mine but I would like some new tree decorations. I've got new lights.....lots of them!

  5. Everything looks great, I shall be making a start tomorrow.

  6. Your tree looks fabulous.
    Hubbys planning to get our decs out the loft this weekend.

  7. Everything looks very festive. I am about half done!



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