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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thanks a bunch

This is what I found on my door step when I got home today

The house looks a mess, we are still preparing the walls for painting, we have put up coving in the dining room but not in the sitting room. so it's pretty dull here,
I have to have an operation tomorrow so there is no hope of doing any more inside for a week.
And family and friends thought I would like some colour in my life at this time

So I have a yellow bunch of sunshine and a pink bunch of fizz

Hubby Kev has been great, we have visited our local hospital loads, he has sat through me being prodded, poked and tested ready for this op, Fliss and Su has been there also every step of the way, and boy do you need your family when you are being dealt with with our National Health Service. My biggest problem is though I need this op I do not feel unwell, I have no awful symptoms in fact I feel great.

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