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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Castles and sunshine

Today has been the perfect finish to the weekend,
we had a phone call from Josh asking us to a picnic at Portchester castle
and he would share his home made jam tarts.

We met at 12 and all shared a glorious picnic, we sat in the sunshine together.

Josh had great fun with his frisbee

The castle grounds were busy, loads of people had the same idea, and the grounds were full of families eating and playing sports. We were sheltered from any breeze by the castle walls.

Above is inside the walls and below is the water front outside.

Josh made great jam tarts and scones which we all shared, later friends popped in for a drink, and I had my 1st pimms of the season, sat on our back decking in still more sunshine.

I have not done any cross stitch in the past two days spending all my time out in the garden, I am very pleased with how the garden is progressing, I have plants coming along in my small green house and the shrubs I planted in my new garden are growing well, Kev set up our water feature, it's a simple rock and waterfall but looks and sounds great.

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