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Friday, 30 April 2010

Summer time

Summer has finally come to Fareham, we turned off the heating this week

It's always me who keeps it on, we don't require it in the evening, but I do hate to shower in a cold bathroom, but I insist we leave the bathroom window open, thought we had a lay in until ten this morning so the bathroom was filled with warm sunshine.

We both have had the day off, so I pottered around in the garden, went to the village with Fliss where we chatted over coffee and cake. With Monday being a Bank holiday this is a really long weekend for us. Kev has a real bad tummy bug, so he has stayed near the house all day.

My cushion front is coming along well, I have added another pattern, I took it from an American patchwork book, I have stitched it before as a miniature rug for Somerset house.
The hardest part of this cushion is deciding what pattern goes next and what shade of red I should use. Once I have decided on the pattern I then have to go through my stock of silks. I am trying to use the same shades in more than one block to help tie it all together. I have to do 10 blocks across and down. I will have them diagonal across the cushion. I have finished 14 blocks, with 86 to go. Am I mad or what?

Yesterday I had my second small operation, it was much smaller and I was out on the same day, which suits me. I am feeling fine and have no problems with my arm, I hope to be able to do some sewing tonight and plan to sew alot over the weekend.

Most of the garden is done, Kev is only allowing me light duties, I want to sow some veg seeds in a small area on Sunday, just salad items with carrots. My tomato plants are coming along well, my 94 year old neighbour gave me two tomato plants as well, we should have loads, I feel a chutney session coming on later this year. I have 4 sunflower plants for the garden, Josh has 2 to take home, and we have 10 plants for Josh to take to school for their garden.

Sunday we are out to lunch with friends, just six of us, in the morning Kev will be off to golf, so I can have a bath and pamper morning. I brought some new nail varnish for my toes, there are some great bright colours this year, Sunday I am going purple!

Monday we have no plans, it would be good to get out on the bike, we went out on Tuesday and ended at Portsmouth sea front eating Pizza on a terrace overlooking the beach and a great sunset. The best part was it was unplanned.

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