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Monday, 5 April 2010

Keeping busy

As you can imagine we are keeping busy this long weekend, today Kev is having a game of golf, he should be home for a late lunch. Which leaves Grace and I at home.
Su, Fliss, Steve and Josh came for a special Easter dinner yesterday, after which we went for a walk around Portchester Castle. Kev and I were hoping to go out on his bike, but it all dull and overcaste here.

Above is a cushion I brought on Friday, I want to embellish it, I could not find the fabric to make a cushion, we do not have many fabric shops in Fareham. I want to add flowers and colour, using beads, felt and cross stitch, I have asked Fliss if she will crochet a flower for me.
Below is the start of another project, I wanted to stitch the cushion I showed you in a previous blog, but the canvas was large and I prefer to use a 32 count, I love the finer work, so I have designed 10 different blocks, using shades of red and I am going to stitch 10 diagonal blocks across the front of this cushion and then add the other designs, if it works I shall do a second cushion in the same patterns but in yellow, both for the spare bed.

I popped out of my office to get my cup of coffee and Grace thought she should keep my chair warm, so now I'm sat on Kev's chair, Grace is following me around the house and we are having some wonderful cuddles.
To keep ourselves busy we have started putting up the coving in the dining room and we have purchased the wooden flooring, we have decided to do all the work ourselves, which should be fun, I am useless and Kev knows how to do these things but have only once laid a small amount of laminate flooring, we have been told the solid wood floor is better to lay, we have the sitting, dining rooms and the whole length of the hall to do.

In between the showers I have done some gardening, the sink below was in the original kitchen, but it is chipped so I have placed it outside the kitchen door, I was going to make an Alpine garden, Kev chose these plants, not quite what I had in mind but they will fill the sink and have loads of white, pink and red flowers.

I have replanted my bay tree and created a herb corner, this is at the end of our decking. I have a couple of deep vegetable grow bags and I will plant salad items, carrots, beetroot and a few other things. It's not the garden I was looking for, but the house is so perfect I can scale down the plans for a veg garden.

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