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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Show and Tell

My sister has been staying for the weekend, we have been shopping and sat in the garden taken in the sun. Below is my new handbag, I normally just rave about shoe's but this bag just called to me, and it would have been rude to ignore it. It's red leather and feels wonderful.

I have not done much cross stitch, it's been a tiring week, I went back to work and was lazy most evenings.

I still have loads of flower left

My Orchid is blooming

Flowers in the garden are in full bloom

With my flower pots man on guard.

Josh's flower is doing well.

These I planted today in the new garden.

My results from the hospital were mixed, I was disappointed to hear I would require another operation in early June, but a much smaller op this time. The rest of the results were positive and soon I hope to get the all clear.

We are planning a week away in the south of France with Su and Gav, who are getting married in August, that's later in May, we will have the decorators in to finish painting the down stair area.

I have ordered the silk for Su's wedding dress, it should be here next week, I hope to start making in it early June. I am glad Fliss is feeling and looking better, we saw her, Steve and Josh yesterday, Josh has coloured us a Wiggles picture for our office wall, he is a clever little boy.

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