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Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday morning updates

I have been off work all this week and because of limited use of my left arm, I have been resting, but not doing nothing. Below is the start of the cushion for my spare bed, it is worked over 32hpi, and going to be alot more work than I intended.

The red gingham squares will tumble across the middle of the cushion, I will need ten rows of ten square's per row to make the correct size. each square can take an evening to make. The design is for me to use all shades of red, I did think I would make a second cushion in yellow but that is now unlikely. Below is just a couple weeks work.

Below I thought I would follow Milly's example and show my unfinished work.

These cats are wonderful but takes alot of work, I have had this a couple of years, and every now and then I have another go at it.

This project was for a little girl who is now three years old, no reason for finishing it.

This only needs the back stitch to be finished, that's the part I hate the most.

I have loads of projects never started, but as my taste does not change I know they are in my stash for when I am ready to get going with them.

We are hoping to get some more decorating done in the dining room this week, but the weather forecast is good so the garden will win out, providing Kev will be willing to do the big stuff I can't do at the mo.

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