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Thursday, 7 May 2020

So no jobs in the garden this year !!!

In 2016 hubby built my new greenhouse, using the raised bed I already had at the back, my plan was to grow salad items in here, I used it for a couple years without too much success, it got too hot inside. I think this photo is the only time I have seen my greenhouse so empty. 
So in 2018 I decided the raised bed could have a better use, and made it to look like a dried river bed, click on the link to see how it was done. I love this bed and smile every time I go into my greenhouse, it worked perfectly through out the winter months. My plants are now much bigger. 
Sadly the bed is now full of vine weed, I have been pulling it out for months, it's never ending and the shoots are just getting stronger, it's taken the smile from my face. 
So with having so much time on my hands, sat resting my back and thinking, the bed does take a lot of space, and I do have loads of spare pots, I have decided to dig it out, it won't be a quick job as I want to save as much of the stones, they are sat on a membrane, so most of them should be scooped off. I also want to find a few household objects to use as pots, I already have a collection on my metal shelves, I love to see quirky pots it adds to the fun. The soil will be used around the garden, after loads of sifting to remove the vine weed roots, so no waste. 
My idea after confirming it with hubby, is to remove all the plants, stones and soil, we will have to then empty the greenhouse to give us space to work, we will turn the raised bed on it's side to make a shelf unit, I will clean the inside and paint it to help protect it, it's made of decking planks and the wood is still in good condition. No doubt the other staging will go back in a different way, I will have just a bit more space.  
I will put some shelves on top for my plants , using the space above, which means I will be able to see more from outside of the greenhouse, I do want to use the corner stand I already have, which I love and have ordered another smaller stand, which will hold 5 bigger pots. 
I am having fun planning, sometimes it can be the best part of the garden, it will be a while before we can start, I still have loads of seedlings which won't go out before the end of the month. 

So much for musing in a previous post and saying I have nothing big to do this year. 


  1. Such a shame that you're having to dismantle it all but it would be a never ending job trying to rid the bed of vine weed. It's always exciting planning something new though and I know you'll enjoy getting your teeth into a new garden job.

  2. Sorry you're being plagued by bind weed. I hate the stuff. It sounds like an interesting project to get stuck into though. I look forward to reading about it as you progress.

  3. There is always something to do in a garden, ideas and likes change, plants outgrow their spaceor up and die on you. It sounds like a deal of work but also an exciting project, I look forward to progress reports and the final reveal.

  4. I think planning is part of the fun, and it sounds a good project to do.

    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine :)

    All the best Jan

  5. Arghh, I know what you mean about that weed!

    Love the sound of your planning. That garden looked really good, what a shame it was spoilt by the weed. I will look forward to seeing what you do.

  6. Sometimes I think planning is the best part of gardening. I did love your dry river bed garden, too bad that weed took over.

    God bless.

  7. Vine weed is so annoying, and a thankless task. Looking forward to seeing your new plans come into action.



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