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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Portchester castle walk.

Sunday we needed to get out and walk, so we went towards Portchester Castle, we have been avoiding this walk as we expected it to be busy, we did meet more people, but it was not as bad as we thought, everyone was keeping their distance. 
 Looking towards Portsmouth, the dredger is alongside M275 going into Portsmouth.  
 The white building is a boat builders, they have loads of these huge reels on site, I often call them star gates, Oh how I wish they were. 

 Sadly closed, I miss walking in the castle grounds.

 I'm not sure which new carrier this is, in Portsmouth Naval base, with the Spinnaker Tower behind, not the best photo, I only had my snappy camera and it was hazy out. Plus I have a dirty lens.

It was good to go for a long walk, we cut through the old estate and down to the water front, it's been years since we walked this way, the breeze made walking comfortable, I could hear the clink from the local yacht club boats, their rigging catching in the breeze. The tide was half in, and the sea was not to smelly, on a hot day with the tide out it can be eye watering, the weather was perfect for walking, it was good be be away from the house and garden just for a while.
The waterway is coming from The Solent, it cuts through to the main road going through Portchester villiage, at the castle we have Portsmouth and the naval base on the left and Gosport on the right.
Our path home was along the shore line, until we reached the point nearest to our home, a short walk through the local estate and home for coffee. 


  1. A lovely walk. I think it's good that restrictions have been lifted on how much exercise we're now able to take, just so long as everyone still abides by the social distancing rules.

  2. Looks lovely Marlene, good for the soul. I can't wait to go for our walk on the beach tomorrow.

  3. It does feel good to be able to get out for a walk. Hopefully the lift in some of the restrictions will be OK; as long as everyone is sensible. It does look like the Stargate from the film :) Take care and enjoy your walks. Best, Jane x

  4. Just catching up on several of your posts. After seeing your husband’s rock cakes, I have a yearning to make some now! I’m glad you had a lovely long walk and that it wasn’t too busy. Every time I have been out for a walk, everyone has been very sensible and thanked us if we have moved out of the way and vice versa :)

  5. I enjoyed seeing where you walked. I hope it helped your back pain to decrease as you were able to move more.

  6. Look like a lovely walk (but a bit on the chilly side?). I enjoyed browsing through your new header collage :)

    1. Thank you, I needed to update it, I love the Jones boys, it has been printed on mugs for the boys, the lady sent me the image to check I liked it. Hopefully I have all my hobbies included.

  7. What a gorgeous castle. It would have been lovely to see inside.

    God bless.

  8. Thank you for taking us on your wonderful walk. Lots of variety with castles and carriers!

  9. Well, I certainly enjoyed this walk with you ...
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan



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