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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Bored at home

This is very pleasing, at the beginning of the year my BMI was 29.1, so it is a good drop, I hit my 1st big target of losing a stone last month, I am close to my second big target, I have not set myself dates, life is difficult enough without adding stern targets. My amount to lose is now pounds rather than stones, and now we can exercise more than once a day, it should help me get to where I want to be. It's only now as I have lost so many pounds I realise how much excess I was carrying and how much it slowed me down, I do feel much better without my muffin top.
With so much time on my hands I am bored, I do loads of my crafts, but later I can't just sit and watch TV, some evenings are OK, I like Wednesday evenings, The Repair Shop and The Great British Sewing Bee, are both lovely and of course Fridays with Gardeners World, who does not love Monty. I do read alot, I have always been a huge book worm, I am reading from my Kindle, I have always loved holding books in my hand, holding a Kindle just does not feel right to me. I don't plan to use our local library when it opens for a while. 
I purchased these yarns when in Spain last year, they are very light weight cotton, behind is a long pair of needles sized 2.25mm, purchased for another project. This yarn was for my loom, which I have not been using, I am thinking I could use these together to knit a shawl, not something I normally wear or a baby blanket, really fine, I have been looking at patterns with cables or lace.
I have been busy sewing, these mask are for daughter and her husband, she chose her material, it's the same as mine, a pretty tea towel cut down. SIL mask are made with the same fabric as I have used for Will's (his choice). All my face mask have a tea towel lining, it's more absorbent than cotton, they are all washable. I am going to check each mask and trim any missed ends before sending them to be used. 
I wanted to make Will's mask more fitted and hopefully comfortable for him to wear, hence the fun fabric, daughter will have to fit the elastic length, all she needs to do is knot the elastic, snip the ends and pull the knot into the fold at the side of the mask. 
Just a reminder, we have reached our overshoot day, May 16, we here in UK will have used all the renewable resources for one year, everything else we use can not be replaced this year, just something to think about. Loads of my followers live a less commercial life, living a simple relaxing style like us, we just need to all think a bit more, who knows society might just change once we are released ( I'm not holding my breath). You can read more here

The sunshine outside is still beautiful, but it's still cold, hubby decided to wear shorts today, he is ever the optimist, but he does not feel the cold, unlike myself. I am hoping to do more in my greenhouse, I have a week before the new shelving comes for the greenhouse, at the same time I hope to be able to leave more trays of plants outside to harden off, I plan to empty the greenhouse, give it a good clean inside and then bring things back in, not a small job. 
Part of my problem is I'm not too tired at night, normally after a busy day, I sit in the evenings and read, knit or crochet, but because I am doing these in the day, by 7pm I want to do something different. I have promised myself this week I will not do my evening crafts in the daytime, not sure how I will fill daytime, but it won't be watching TV. 


  1. I find it very hard to just sit and watch TV, I'm so restless if I'm not doing something, but I'm not sleeping very well at the moment so I'm not really crafting very much because I'm so tired. I'm hoping the extra exercise we can take will help somewhat. Well done on your weight loss, it's not an easy thing shedding the excess pounds, especially under the situation we're in at the moment.

    1. I have started getting up a 7am, an hour earlier, just to help me sleep better. Thank you I'm pleased with my weight loss but being careful to keep it going.

  2. Try Borrow Box if you have a library card and a smart phone. Download app. Lots of audio books to listen to on there. Makes a change from reading. Also radio plays on YouTube, they are totally captivating.

    1. Meant to say well done on the weight loss, its not easy at the best of times.

  3. Looking at the overshoot chart I was surprised to see that the Scandinavian countries over shoot even quicker than we do. I think of them as having stronger eco values. (But we've nothing to be proud of either.)

  4. The masks look great, making them with interesting fabrics makes them more encouraging to wear... Good on you for losing weight, not always as easy at this particular time I am sure.

    take care.

  5. Well done for your weight loss. I find it so hard, especially on lockdown. The pounds are creeping on now as time goes on. Good luck with your target. Overshoot day is interesting. I wonder if it is later for us this year due to lockdown, or not.

  6. Well done on the weight loss, that's fabulous with everything that is going on at the moment. I've remained the same so am pleased with that.
    I cold tell you about bored .... 64 days and not allowed out the front door LOL.

  7. Many congratulations and well done on your weight loss :)

    Hoping you've had a good weekend, enjoy the new week ahead.

    All the best Jan



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