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Sunday, 31 May 2020

May - round-up

May is always an expensive month in the garden, so many gaps to fill, I purchased a few plants locally, not cheap but I'm not visiting any nursery's. I also purchased balls of yarn to add to my blanket I am making. £4.60 spent on a book.

I am wearing 3 'new' Marks and Spencer trousers, 2 chino's navy and stone, last worn 3 years ago and a navy striped worn 2 years ago, all look like new, plus a couple pair of shorts, I do feel really good, shopping from the back of my wardrobe is priceless. I have lost more weight, enough for me to feel pleased, I am now close to my next target, which I hope to hit by mid June. 

We had our fence panels done, but we already had the money to pay for it, the cost is out weighed by not having to look at next doors jungle of a garden. £73.94 from the garden list above was for a small fruit cage and shelving for my greenhouse, both should last for years. 

The heating is off, hopefully that's all the cold weather done for this year, our alarm is now set for 7am, an hour earlier, we are normally both awake, it's warm enough in our bathroom. Our fuel bills are stable, even though we are baking more, we have almost stopped watching TV, the news is so depressing, and all the reporters want to do is find fault. 

We are not wasting food, we are ensuring everything is ate, keeping an eye on dates all the time, I did a small shop in Lidl this month, they sell a few things we love, their smoked salmon is a very good price and there is plenty in the pack. We have a couple Asda orders delivered, but have no plans to book another one for a while. We do again have a huge pile of plastic carrier bags, I have rolled them together and we are keeping a couple in our shopping bags, with hope we can use them many times before we have to throw them away. 

Not going out has a positive effect on the bank balance, we have purchased bit's online, life still has to go on, our car just sits on the drive, the insurance companies should be lowering their prices next year, with 6 to 8 weeks not driving and less accidents, will have to wait and see on that one. 


  1. Although I’ve spent more money than normal on garden and bird food (!) supplies, I’ve also spent less generally. No hair appts, no sports massages, no chiropodist and no weekly day trips with my friend.
    Food wise, although farm shop food is a bit more expensive, I’m not buying needless things :)

  2. My husband got a refund from his insurance company, I haven't as yet! Well done on the weight front, I totally agree about finding outfits in your wardrobe.

  3. Our spending has gone down quite a lot. I'm not looking round town and seeing things by chance and of course not using petrol either, or very little anyway. I haven't spent a lot on craft supplies this year, that was my plan anyway regardless of this lockdown. Well done with keeping track of your spending, it certainly make you realise where the money goes

  4. The budget is looking good here too. Haven't put any fuel in my car for nearly three months - huge savings!

  5. Sounds as though you have everything under control. I've bought books as the library is closed, but I've enjoyed everyone except for the one which Dh has read so not wasted. But I was asked to review a book pre-release which I really liked.



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