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Sunday 18 March 2018

Planning, spending, waiting

My title says it all....
Mr postman come as soon as you can, I have purchased 

Fabrics, all 100% cotton from So crafty Ltd, none of them expensive, 5 different designs. I am not expecting the quality to be high, adding to my stash, it will be interesting to see what I get.

Yarn, Drops Alpaca, in 3 shades of brown and off white for a jumper, I really fancy making some fairisle, which I have not knitted for years. I wanted a design which I can knit on circular needles, with a yoke top.  I did look at shades of blue, but decided to stick with the browns.

Our shower looks new, just the new screen and doors to go back on, hubby has worked so very hard, he replaced all the stained grout and silicone from the tiles, it was hard work removing all the old grout, he has painted the ceiling and the walls. This work has saved us loads, we thought we would have to replace all the tiles. We repainted the same colour, the room is small and we have loads of paint from the original work we did. All the chrome has been cleaned and polished, this towel rail is a pig to clean, but there is nothing wrong with it, so it won't be replaced.  Just the skirting boards, door frame and door to gloss, that will be done next week. Then we can replace the old sink with our new modern sink with cupboard below. 
We had another pie and mash night in last night, the pies we purchased from Cook are brilliant, we have used all of our recent purchases, and will pop and get some more, I was very happy with the flavours I had, I think hubby will change one of his. I used a £1 stew pack and made soup, enough for lunch for us both yesterday and today, with a fresh baked roll. 
Yesterday was cold, we had snow falling for hours, but none of it settled. This morning......


  1. Brrrrrrr!
    Snow here didn't lay and has now blown away in the freezing wind.
    Have fun with your new fabric and yarn stash

  2. The shower looks fabulous. My mum used to knit fairisle jumpers. You can’t beat a good classic.

  3. It's a similar story here, it was snowing most of the day yesterday but it didn't settle until night time and it's snowed more overnight, I don't think it will last though as it's supposed to warm up again this week, thank goodness. It's exciting waiting for the postman to bring crafty goodies. It's a long time since I've done any sort of colourwork but there's some mittens I fancy having a go at. Your bathroom tiles are gleaming, a job well done.

  4. Your bathroom looks lovely.

    Amazed at all your snow - we have none!

  5. The shower looks fantastic, I love mine but hate the big shiny radiator like yours because it needs cleaning every day.

  6. Snow came and went here too. I love your jumper pattern, that is going to be warm and snuggly when finished. Well done to your husband in persevering with the shower tiles, its looking great and its always nice if you can save a few pennies here and there.

  7. The bathroom revamp looks good. When we did ours we kept most of the tiles and replated taps from gold to chrome. A redesign and remodelling can look like a complete refit for a fraction of the cost.

  8. We did much the same to our shower room after the new heating went in. dH bought a grout removal gadget for the drill and took out as much as he could, soaked away the silicone sealer and then redid both. Sadly we had to buy a new shower door but the new one is wonderful compared to the previous one and it was inexpensive which was good. Have been sewing today which was great. Catriona

  9. Your bathroom looks lovely, what a sense of satisfaction it is to do it yourself and save lots of ££.
    Nice pattern for the jumper, I have a Latvian mitten kit to try that I purchased some time ago, I've never done colourwork so it will be a huge learning curve.



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