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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Knit or sew

I just love these designs, 
I will make a Christmas shopping bag. 
 Adding colour
no plans for these as yet. 
 This will be made into a gift, 
I already know what it is going to be. 
The delivery was quick, I purchased this on Friday afternoon, the quality is better than I thought, the dogs printed on linen is a good weight. I will probably shop from Oh sew crafty again,  one point, I always check the size of the fabric before purchase, most designs on the site are sold as fat quarters, but it not strongly shown on the site, in their comments loads of people thought they were misleading. To think you are purchasing a meter of fabric for the price shown I think is folly, if something is too cheap, there is always a reason. On the plus side, the choice is huge. 

 These shades look perfect, I have itchy knitting fingers, again purchased from Wool Warehouse, I love using this site as delivery is so very quick. The pattern uses two strands to knit, I am going to hunt my circular needles out and make a start, I'm thinking I have a couple of weeks to get on with this before the greenhouse steals my attention. 
The snow has almost all gone, but it's still so very cold here, the temperature is fore caste to rise this week and stay dry. I am watch all my daffodils, hoping they stand up again, I did go into the garden yesterday and knocked all the snow off my plants, we were promised it would freeze again last night, which it did and I did not want all the weight of the frozen snow to damage anything.   


  1. I love that doggy fabric, so cute. I think Drops yarn is so good for the price, I've used Drops Alpaca in the past and I really like it.

  2. Pretty fabrics. That wool looks so soft. Have fun with your new projects x

  3. How exciting, you must be in a real quandary as what to do next.....I would be.

  4. lovely fabrics and lush Alpaca yarn, I am picking any drooping daffodils, its something to do with the water in there stems freezing and damaging the cells so unfortunately they don't pick up.

  5. That dog fabric is just so cute, Marlene. My son loves dogs and he'd think that was very "cool"! Meg:)

  6. The Drops yarn is so nice to knit with - enjoy!
    I have a bag made by a friend with the tape measure fabric.



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