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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Getting there

Will's quilt is coming along, 
I have to stitch all three layers together
the back is just a pale grey. 
It's pinned and ready to go. 
 I am very pleased so far
 Good bargain for card making
I love my light box
Just a small display 
I never decorate for Halloween, but I do like to keep a few sweets in, just in case we get a knock at the door, we always open the door to early callers, which are the children in our street.  I got these squashes because they look pretty, and I will use them in soup, the scary ceramic one in the corner I have had for years and normally sits on my doorstep at this time of year.
My light box I have had for a while and I do change the messages, it a fun thing to have in a dark corner.
We have been shopping today, Lidl firstly, got most of what we needed, plus stuff for a big family lunch on Sunday, then on to Tesco, cheapest place for beef, we also got Bertolli with butter it's only £1.50 again. With Christmas in mind we got a few things, plus 6 bottles of wine with a 25% discount. Our coffee was at full price but we still have a few packs left, so no panic as yet. The sticky back book covers came from there as well, £6 off, less then half price, I have added the £2 to my stash list.
I have done very little this week, still feeling a bit yuck, today has been my best day. I have not picked a book up to read, yesterday was so sunny and warm, but I did not feel up to being in my garden, which is very rare, the fore caste for tomorrow is good, so my plan is to be in the garden in the morning, and sew some more on the quilt in the afternoon. It's nice to be making plans again.
Friday will have to be housework, the place is tidy but could do with a proper clean, and with a houseful on Sunday, it's a must be done task.


  1. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow Marlene.

  2. Hope you are soon feeling much better and can enjoy your family time at the weekend.

  3. Hope you're feeling well soon. That light box looks like so much fun!

  4. Ok. I just took a second look and noticed the eyeballs!

  5. I hope you are all better by the week-end so you can enjoy your company. Will's quilt is really looking great.

  6. The quilt looks amazing, her in trend colours. My daughter's have light boxes and the love them.

  7. Sorry to hear you are not feeling good, don't overdo it. I have seen one of those light boxes on another blog this week.

  8. Glad you're starting to feel a little better, I hope you continue to improve. Will's quilt is looking lovely, such pretty fabrics. I don't decorate for Halloween now that there's just the two of us at home and we don't get many children knocking on the door, but I always buy some funsize chocolates just in case, I usually end up eating them myself.



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