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Monday, 16 October 2017

A change of plan

This is cake number 2, cooked yesterday
1st cake is cut into, hubby and daughter love fruit cake. 
 I am missing - brilliant book, clever.
A family secret - a light read, won't choose another book from this author. 
 Hubby got me roses on Saturday, half price from the Co-op
 Another gift from hubby
I have wanted this book for ages. 
When I cooked my Christmas cake, I found I had enough ingredients to make another, hubby gave me the big eyes, daughter came to visit and wanted to take some home with her. The first cake overcooked a bit on one side, so I was happy to make this second cake, plus Will tried some of my cake and tried to get more. Our house has smelt of spices for days.
We had Will overnight on Saturday, mummy and daddy had a night out with friends, Will was lovely, he woke up at 11pm when we went to bed, I hoped he would settle, but after giving him a bottle he slept through to 7.30am. We had plenty of play time before mummy came to pick him up. We feel it is very important Will's parents have some fun adult time together and with friends.
Hubby and I went out for a Sunday carvery yesterday, we had a nice meal, but we would not go back again, we are looking for a nice place to go at end of the month with daughter, her hubby David and Will, and David's parents.
We did not get the weekend weather we were promised, it is very mild here, I did nothing in the garden, spent loads of time reading.
I am having a day at home, I was unwell yesterday, enough for me to call our local doctors surgery, which does not have out of hours cover, redirected to NHS 111. I called at 6.45pm and was told a doctor would want to speak to me and would call me back, go to A&E if feeling worse. At 2.30am the controller called to say I was not forgotten, but they were very busy and a doctor would speak to me, I said forget it, I would see my own doctor this morning. If this is our NHS system, I can fully understand why our A&E departments are so stretched, I understand doctors (GP's), need to have time off, but if the system is so broke at local level, how can it catch up, which leads to everyone in A&E. I have always thought those in the medical profession are angels, but those who control the system are devils.


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon. I've been watching the Ambulance programme which has been on BBC, it really does open your eyes and makes you understand what they're dealing with when they get an influx of calls so I suppose it's the same on the NHS 111 service. I think it's lovely that you have Will overnight to let his parents have a bit of adult time, as you say, it is important that they get a bit of alone time, and it's nice for you to get some baby cuddles too.

  2. The cake looks delish, I love Christmas cake but never make or buy it as no one else does.

    Hope you are feeling better, It seems it's the same all over trying to get appointments with GP's, Sometimes i've gone to our surgery and the waiting room is almost empty but you ring up and there are no appointments! makes me so mad, and visiting A&E, well its a whole day out.

  3. Your cakes look lovely .....

    Hope you are feeling better, you are right about the system being broken, it is the same here. We are classed as a rural area and 25% of doctor positions, both in local surgeries and at hospitals, are vacant - apparently up & coming staff with their eyes on their career path do not want to come to Cumbria, it is considered a dead-end backwater.

  4. I can imagine that lovely fruit cake smell. Delicious. Hope you are feeling better. My hubby phoned his specialist the other day and was told he would have to go through his doctor again. He stood his ground and said no, I have been told by the specialist that I can have a knuckle replacement if its no better after the repeated injections. Well guess what its no better. He was given an appointment. DELAYING TACTICS IS WHAT THE NHS IS ABOUT NOW! Surely dealing with the problem sooner would be more cost effective.

  5. yummy ... that cake does look nice.
    Don't get me started on the drs surgery and other NHS depts....



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