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Friday 30 October 2020

Warning contains cute photo's

We were asked to look out for a parcel in the post from hubbies brother and SIL, it has arrived, they are a lovely couple and will often send things just because.
These are beautiful, the Welsh Griffin to celebrate hubbies heritage,  and the bee and flower to show my love of nature and gardening. These hand painted colourful works of art, reflect both of us beautifully, I will think very carefully about what frame to use, they are going to bring us joy every time we see them. 
It was Halloween dress up in Nursey this week, Will loves these bones costumes, he has had one most years. Nursery allowed the children to dress up all week to ensure they had a fun time as trick and treating was off the list of things to do for many children. 
There is something very special in seeing George wear this costume, it seams only yesterday Will had it as his 1st every dressing up costume. Both mummy and daddy had a childhood full of fun, so it's important to them for their boys to enjoy making their own memories. 
I have finished my 4 squares, and was prepared for them all to be different, having the colours in different places, so how come 3 of the squares almost match, I'm not sure what to do now, I think I might knit another square or 2 and see how they look, the 2 spare ones I can use for dish clothes, as so many of you say home made ones are brilliant. It's not big enough for anything, so I still need to decide how to do the edges. 
Another good book, I have read 70 books this year so far, and the quality is amazing, we are so lucky to be able to lose ourselves in a good read. 
No thoughts on our situation, we all know what is happening in our part of the world and elsewhere, I control what I can, and try to keep anxiety levels low. It is hard, I want so much for us, our children and grandsons, this really is the strangest of years and the next couple of months won't improve, fingers crossed rules will be obeyed and we can keep the best life we can. 

Just how much rain is there still to come.....


  1. The paintings are beautiful, so thoughtful for them to think of you both in this way. Awww, the boys are so cute in their costumes. Halloween is going to be very different this year as with most things.

  2. It's lovely to get something through the post these days those painting are so lovely how thoughtful of them. The boys look great in their costumes. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. What gorgeous paintings and how very thoughful of them. They know both of you very well.

    Love the costumes that Wil and George are wearing.

    God bless.

  4. The paintings are lovely.
    The boys look great in their costumes.

    Happy Weekend Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  5. They are beautiful paintings and what a lovely surprise. George is the cutest skeleton, whilst Will looks a very energetic one! :)

    1. Perfect description of both boys, but as their nana, they can do what they want.

  6. They both look cute in their costumes and what a lovely smile.

  7. George is know locally as the smiley baby, he is a happy lad.



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