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Tuesday 27 October 2020

Meanwhile outside

I managed an hour in the garden on Monday, it was a dry sunny day, these plants will now stay on this table, we will cover our wooden furniture set this weekend to keep the wet and damp out, winter is getting closer. 
This back section looks much better now I have placed my new pots, before I had loads of odd pots, often with nothing in, it did look messy. I need the space clear to be able to get to my shed and greenhouse, I can see this area from the house, so it's now pleasing to look at. It's very rustic in this section, the raised area is not level and the fence is bowed. 
The raised bowl is working well as a water area for birds, we often see loads on here, the bottom has pebbles in so the water is not to deep. I have winter pansies in the blue pot and loads of spring bulbs. The new plant in my cider jar is looking good, it's hardy so can stay here all winter.
I have planted my winter pansies in these tubs and in the tubs at the side of the house, home grown plants, still a bit small, so I have used the dreaded slug pellets, but only in these tubs, hopefully the hedgehogs can't get to them. I have tried many different organic slug protection, but sadly none work well enough, normally I would plant and replace if they are eaten, but these are so small without the pellets they would not stand a chance. 
This side bed us still beautiful, I normally have it sorted by now, but I can't bring myself to cut back the Cosmos and Hotlips, they are so colourful. Note the laundry on the line, Monday was a good drying day. 
This book was just amazing, I did guess the end, but as with all her books it was a fantastic plot, I really could not put it down. I have passed it to my youngest daughter, we do like the same type of books. This being my 68th book this year. 
The garden is my haven, all the work I have done in the past few weeks make it ready for the new seasons, I don't have enough winter colour and will have bare patches, it's not a big enough space to be able to have all the plants I love. I do enjoy the bare shrubs and trees, they do add structure. We are having the Magnolia cut back in early November, the guy will give it a nice shape and take some height away. 

I did enjoy plenty of reading time, so much rain in recent days, my big water butt by the garage is again full, hopefully now it will stay level. I have a knitting pattern book coming to make jackets for Will and George, should start them at the weekend. I am getting on well with my knitted squares. 

Hubby is very happy with his motorbike, he's been out on it a couple of times, it's always a worry when you change something, a big decision and not one you want to get wrong. 


  1. You have to get out in the garden while you can. I did all the grass and edges yesterday and I have a plant I need to over winter in the garage so that will be stay there until I move.

  2. I still like getting into the garden whilst the weather is not too cold. Then its fun to plan what will be done in the spring. Your hubby has lots to occupy his mind now with the new bike!

  3. I love to have my pots opposite the kitchen door and windows so pretty to look out onto. I haven't read as many books this year, covid 19 made me anxious at one point and I couldn't concentrate, but I'll soon get back into reading, well done on
    the gardening, we missed the dry and so no are wondering will the rain ever stop?

  4. It was a lovely day on Monday wasn't it, such a change from the weekends rain!

    Your garden is looking great and still nice and colourful.

    Happy Tuesday (and soon to be midweek) wishes.
    I don't know where the days go!

    All the best Jan

  5. I love your rustic area. Looks just lovely.

    God bless.

  6. How very clever to use a bird bath as a shallow planter! I love that, and it would have never occurred to me.

    1. My bird bath dish was purchased for an Alpine display, but one plant took over, so I was digging it out when we had a rain storm, the bowl filled with water and the birds loved it, so I added the pebbles after. It is a lucky accidental bird bath.

  7. I can see why you are hesitant about cutting back the cosmos, they are so pretty still.
    Do you have many hedgehogs in your garden? I saw one on our driveway recently, the first I have seen in a long long time.



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