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Saturday 17 October 2020

Boys and their toys

Wednesday we had George whilst Will went swimming, he is getting all around the sitting room floor, loving all the different toys. Sadly Will did not get into the pool, there were too many children splashing about. 
Then we had Will whilst George went for a check up, he loves all the books and toys kept in this drawer and will spend ages choosing what to read and play with, he still has his splint on, but has no pain, so we are starting to remove it for short periods. George has had good review of his heart, and needs no further treatments, which is a very reassuring assessment, his next heart check up is in 3 years.  
I managed to start sewing in some of the ends, I use a fine rug hook which is quicker and neater than normal sewing in methods, Here is the reverse, each navy section has 2 ends to be sorted. I have never used the random yarns before on this design and I am loving the effect. This is so quick and easy to start, but now I'm at 100 stitches, it is taking longer to make. Will has asked me to knit him a scarf, so my next project is set. 

The blankets have been sent for their part in fundraising, these are small sized, useful for car or pushchair, I'm pleased with both, but I don't want to make another granny square for a while. 
I have started reading another book, I do like to mix all the crafts and other things I love to do. 

Wednesday Will and I walked to our local park, it was sunny and he loved running about and the play area, it's not too busy, much easier when it's just the 2 of us. 

Thursday was a lazy sunny day, we did walk to the village for more birthday cards, most of our family birthdays arrive at this time of year.

Friday we had George again, Will went swimming and had a good lesson, we had a lazy afternoon with Will and mummy. Husband has sold his motorbike, the guy came to collect it, both were pleased, hubby got a good price and the guy loved the bike, hubby is now looking for a newer bike, he's not ready to hang up his helmet yet. 

I've had a lazy morning, I did not sleep well last night, not sure why, I always ache so I'm not blaming that, I am anxious again, we live in the south and live under the rule of 6 and 10 pm closing, not that we go out drinking anymore, I think I worry too much about love ones and what's happening. I am hoping to do a quick change around with some of my pots today, whilst it's dry, I will have a big pot spare, so I'm going to move plants around, photos next time. Time outside is always good for me.

We had planned to drive to Somerset this weekend, but decided to stay at home instead, I do feel safe staying with my brother, but it's a 3 hour drive and we decided at this point it's just too much for us. 


  1. What handsome grandsons you have. We have sunshine again today thank goodness, it does lift the mood. My husband sold his motorbike at least 10 years ago due to pain in his neck from the force of head down at speed. The bones had compressed.The scarf is taking shape, it reminds me of angel wings.

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures of George and Will. So pleased George's heart review was good and that Will is not needing the splint as much.

    We are hoping to see the grandchildren during half term week, but like many I am finding these different tiers and threat of circuit breaker lockdowns worrying and confusing.

    If all else fails a nice cup of tea always helps ...

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  3. Glad George's check-up went well and that Will enjoyed his swimming lesson. I have at least one night a week when I don't sleep well, those nights i'm usually still awake at 3am. At least now I know i can have a lie-in when it happens, although it does set you back for the day.
    Hope you have a good weekend

  4. Handsome boys, and from their smiles I know they just love spending time with you.

    God bless.



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