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Friday 23 October 2020

It's not a case of need

We popped to B&Q (a DIY and garden store) to get a few things for hubby, I tagged along, I needed a bag of slate to finish the fruit garden. These plants and bulbs were a great price, the small shrubs will go into the 2 pots at the base of the fence by my shed, the sempervivums I just loved, I did swap a few plants to get a good selection. The fritillary's I just love and will have them in every pot if I could.  Hubby did not say anything when after choosing the plants, I then picked up 2 new pots!!!
Again the yarn I did not need but with good prices, the heather blue shades I am going to knit matching jackets for Will and George, making each one longer as they are both tall boys. The navy and pale blue I'm going to use with some pink I have for a knit down jumper. 

This Orchid was just £6, less than a bunch of nice supermarket flowers, and with all the buds it should flower until Christmas, it's one of my favorite house plants. 
Will loved his rainbow scarf, I though it was a great length for him, it's lovely and bright and should not get lost, mummy will add a name tag for when he wears it to nursery. He wanted George to have one, but accepted he was too young to wear scarfs, but I am knitting George a ball in the same colours. 
The rain on Wednesday was non stop most of the day, just constant rain all the time, my water butt is set up, so all the rain from the garage has been caught. We had George in morning whilst Will had his swimming lesson, plenty of baby fun, mummy and Will stayed most of the day it was great fun.

Thursday was lovely, warmer and blue skies, we walked to our post office and then on to the village, it was a nice walk, sadly I forgot the card we were posting to Spain and the shoes I wanted to give to the charity box outside the drycleaners, so we will have to pop back, later we had afternoon coffee with friends, loads of home made cake, just a normal afternoon, it was great. 

Won't see much of hubby today his new to him motorbike has arrived, so he is playing, but he did make a carrot cake for Will, who is on a sleep over tomorrow, so cake in afternoon and Pizza for tea. 


  1. Those plants sound just the sort of thing to brighten your garden. It's so nice to treat yourself now and then. That's a lovely cheerful scarf and what a gorgeous little model to show it off

  2. It's nice sometimes to buy things just because you want them and not because you need them. My orchid has just sent up a new flower stem so it should flower in time for Christmas. Will looks very happy with his scarf, enjoy the sleepover.

  3. I can always figure out how to make a need out of a want. Love the scarf.

  4. Will does look happy with his scarf ...

    All the best Jan

  5. Love the plant choices and the yarn colours. Wil looks very cozy in his new scarf.

    God bless.



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