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Tuesday 20 October 2020


Another finish for a Christmas gift, this is for my sister, the shades are ones she will love. This is such a simple shawl to make, the pattern is here, it's one of those I can knit with my eyes closed. I've always used plain colours before, the shades does lift this design.

Nanna can you knit me a scarf, yes Will, what colour would you like?, rainbow please! I have a bright shade of red to add, it's small just 40 stitches and fun to knit, his coat is shades of blue, so this should go well.  
I've finished day 5, I added some golden thread to the yellow, as I do feel gold rings should shine out. Day six is another simple design, I get this project out when hubby is out, just my quiet time. 

Monday we popped to Lidl for a fridge shop, got all we needed plus some Christmas chocolates, I think we have most of what we like, not too bigger stash as it would mean more weight to lose after Christmas. I got fresh oranges and lemons, so later this week I will soak the dried friut for 1st Christmas cake, I always use the rine and juice of 2 large oranges and 1 lemon.

Nothing much to do outside, did swap 2 pots around, just a small rethink. My neighbours gardener popped over to give some advice on one shrub, which is now too big, she confirmed I can cut it back hard at this time of year. The shrub came from Win's garden, and I was being extra careful with it. We are waiting for the tree surgeon to set the date for the Magnolia to get its reshape, I love this tree, it's the star in our garden. 

Off to do some more of Wills scarf, I am enjoying the simple knitting and the bright colours. Next I want to make some fingerless gloves for my sisters partner, he not keen on the hand-knitted socks I make. Later it's coffee time with our sign group, we are a group of 7, so we now take in turns who not to attend, sad but a reflection of our times, following the rule of 6, thank goodness no rain today. 


  1. Your Christmas cross stitch is coming along lovely. The song will be emblazoned in your brain, you want get a quiz question wrong😅. Will is going to love his scarf.

  2. I love the shawl what yarn have you used please.carole

  3. I do like the shawl and I know that Will is going to love his scarf.
    Happy mid-week wishes.

    All the best Jan

  4. Wow, that shawl is gorgeous. You did a wonderful job. Wil's scarf is going to be very bright and cute.

    God bless.

  5. The shawl for your sister is lovely and your stitching is coming along great. Looks like you got the stitching bug again :-)

  6. The colours in the shawl you've knitted for your sister are beautiul together, Marlene. What a lovely handmade gift! MegXx



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