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Monday, 3 February 2020

Inside and on my desk

My pineapple plant on my desk has loads of babies, I am going to pot them up individually, but not until the weather is warmer, I have 5 baby plants. It gets loads of light here and there is an radiator under the desk. They do need light and heat to grow. 
 My inside string of pearls, I moved off my desk, I had limited space, by it is still in my office near the window, it is not growing as fast, not sure if it's the light levels, but it still looks healthy.
 These books are on my desk, I look at the diary every day, I was asked to keep a food diary, which I am finding useful. Q&A is fun 1 question every day, for 5 years, I am working through my 3rd year. The other 2 books, I often look at, I find them both interesting.  
Regarding plants in my home, my Amaryllis is coming into flower, the 1st bud is opening, I have not had a solid colour bulb before, so this is interesting for me, can you see the 2nd bud behind. Jo asked about leaves, I have the tips of 2 at the top of the bulb, but no growth. 
After not purchasing flowers in Jan, we went to town and I saw these in T K Max, it's about time I had some colour in the sitting/Dining room. In the Co-op 2 colours would cost £6 for 2 bunches, and last for a week. These cost £20, they are very good fake flowers and feel very real, I normally spend up to £5 per week for flowers, so by the end of the month they would have paid for themselves, and I intend to have them out all through March. Then I can pack them away until next spring.
 Up close, they have the feel and weight of tulips, 
and the stems can be arched to make them look real. 
Last week passed in a blurr of reading and knitting, I finished She lies in wait, by Gytha Lodge, a story of 6 teenagers camping and 1 disappears, the start was slow as we got to know their characters, plus the police officers. I did enjoy this book and would look for another by the author. 
I have done more knitting to my cardigan, and started my 1st poppy, which the petals are very simple, I also started a pair of socks, knitting in stripes again, which I found relaxing.  
Saturday night I had a sleep over at daughters, looking after Will and George, I left hubby watching 6 nations Ruby only to find Will watching, and cheering green (Ireland), because he likes the colour. Sunday was an early start, followed by a day at home and early night.
Today we have Will for the day, no plans, just some time in the garden if it stays dry. 
Thank you for your comments on my weight loss, I am pleased I'm in the mind set to get this done, portion size has always been an issue, if food is on my plate I can't waste it, it's funny how things from your childhood stay with you.


  1. You're such a dedicated poster on your blog. I admire you! I took some time off over Christmas, and then a bit of unexpected time due to unforseens which arose. I've read some of your posts, and glad to see everyone is well, even if there's been a few issues crop up. Great to see your plants too, as your growing season starts to emerge. My string of pearls is on the way out, but I suspect it had to do with the shop I purchased it from. Fortunately, it was only a small, inexpensive plant. But I will be happy to give them another try, in the future.

    Looking forward to catching up during 2020!

  2. I was inspired to get a String of Pearls after I saw yours. The strings are growing well so transferred it to a pot in a macrame holder as they are too long for the desk pot. I’m a real copycat because I saw the ring stake you had to support your amaryllis and thought it was such a good idea to support he large flower head I went out and bought some.

    1. Nothing wrong with stealing good tips from anyone, I often see a plant on blogs or Facebook and want it.

  3. Your amaryllis looks a stunning colour. Mines got about 5 leaves this year as well as the flower stalk, the most leaves I've ever had one. I'll have to take a pic to share on my blog.
    Nice books on your desk. Your tulips certianly look very real.



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