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Friday, 14 February 2020

Before Dennis

Spring is everywhere in the garden

  This pot was re-planted last September

 Tulip buds in February.
  Our Magnolia tree has buds of pink forming. 
I purchased loads of snowdrops in the green last year, in hope they would survive in our clay soil, few have come back, so these are for a pot, looks as if it's the only way I can grow them. 
Another new bulb for this year, just peaking from the center of the pot, Fritillaria Imperialis, it grows huge and has a multi head flower, can't wait to see it in bloom. This pot was planted last September, I noticed when I checked the post, I had some other different for me bulbs, I can't remember where I planted them, so looks as if I will soon be having some surprises.         
I have finished reading this book, I really enjoyed the plot, cleverly written, I have enjoyed other books by Peter May. This being the 9th book I have read this year. 
Hubby has finished most of the painting, just a bit to do in our sitting room, he is still feeling well, hope we have buried the jinx with decorating. I have been able to steam clean all the wooden floors before moving all the units back into the dining room, I still have items to go back inside, but no rush. We are spending time inside, it's been very windy all week, we did have a long walk back from the garage on Wednesday, our car was due it's MOT and service, hubby caught the bus back to pick it up, he has a free bus pass.
I have been knitting, both socks and my cardigan, and plotting to start another baby ripple blanket with yarn I already have, and a toy rabbit, with cotton yarn I purchased this month.
Today hubby will finish up inside with the paint, I am out for lunch it's a friends birthday, so about 8 of us are meeting just outside of town, in a nice garden center with a good cafe. I will pop and see mummy, Will and George after, just to check everything is OK in their happy home.
We are just waiting for the full force of Storm Dennis to arrive this weekend, again more high winds and rain, we are lucky, no snow as yet, but the wind chill makes it feel very cold outside.


  1. There's a lot going on in your garden and it's still so early in the year. My tete-a-tetes are out but the taller daffodils are still in bud just yet, which I'm glad about as they'd only get blown about in all the storms. It's a bright, crisp day today but I think it's the calm before the (next) storm.

  2. So many lovely Spring flowers in your garden Marlene, your Hellebores are gorgeous.

  3. Your garden has the promise of spring about it! I remember once having a couple of hyacinths pop up unexpectedly in my garden. The previous owner must have planted them, but what a delight they were to me :)

  4. Lots of pretty blooms in your garden. Hoping that storm Dennis leaves them looking just as pretty.

  5. Everything is coming to life in your garden. That's wonderful. I'm curious about naming your storms however. Are they a special kind of storm, to earn a name? Like in Australia, we only name our cyclones?



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