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Monday 12 December 2016

Restful weekend

Christmas on my desk
I love the tiny real conifer, without glitter, just a simple set of red lights.
 To cheer me up, hubby got me a plant
how do the growers make money on plants selling at just £2.50
We did nothing over the weekend, loads of time reading and we found a couple of good films which we both enjoyed, I can't say which was best both are worth watching.
We did not go to town shopping over the weekend, but our local hospital was requesting gifts for elderly patients, who would still be in hospital on Christmas day, so we walked to our local Superdrug and got two gifts and sent them to the hospital,  just a simple thing to do.
Hubby went to Tesco today for some shopping, and hence he got me my plant, it is good to have him do the running around midweek, leaving peaceful weekends.
I'm feeling a bit brighter today, had a couple of nice things happen in work, it feels good to smile. Our Christmas opening times were confirmed and I have extra time off, and our final week will be dress down every day instead of just the Friday.
I'm off to finish reading Little Black Lies, it has me gripped, and I so enjoy turning the TV off and reading, lucky hubby loves to read as well.


  1. How lovely finding out that you have extra time off at Christmas. I love reading but I rarely read unless I'm in bed, I find I'm busy doing other things until I settle down for the night.

  2. I love the way your desktop looks! Good thing you did for the elderly folk in hospital too. Blessings.

  3. I love your Christmassy collection, especially the little tree. Glad that you've found some time to rest and relax.
    Cathy x

  4. That's my kind of week-end. What a pretty plant from your DH! I hope you really enjoy the slower time at work.

  5. Lovely :) I love your plants on your desk. Anything red is amazing in my eyes!

  6. All the ladies at my book group have donated a gift to our local hospital for the elderly.



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