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Sunday 4 December 2016


It's arrived at our house
 I love to see all our old favourites out again
Plus a few new items 
A tree full of memories 
I love this time of year where you have little pools of light around the room, very festive, I don't use many real candles, I love the little set's of lights which are battery powered, and popped into nice tealight figures, it feels so safe.

I have done my 12 days of Christmas, where I give to charity 12 items,
This year it was from my over large Christmas stash.
Candle holders x 3
wooden hearts x 3
Material stockings x 3
Stocking hanger
Santa bell
Candle glass holder
Paper trees x 2
ceiling hangers x 4
NOEL sign
Huge hanging gold star
Cross stitch heart
Bauble and tree dec's x 1 bag full
loads more than 12 when added together. 

I have done very little in the past week, I read Tell it to the Skies, by Erica James, work is very busy, so I don't plan to do much in the evenings. 
Yesterday hairdressers, picking up leaves in the garden, youngest daughter popped in, looking beautiful with her perfect baby bump,  and out for a meal with friends. 
This morning Rod and Maureen popped in, it's nice to catch up with friends, Maureen's memory is much worse, which is sad to see. This afternoon friends popped by with Jack 1 and Maddie 5, lovely to see their faces looking at our decorations. Home made mince pies (hubby) coffee and chatter, perfect way to spend the 1st Sunday in December. 
Now I am off to catch up on blog reading. 
We are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, our Dyson blew up yesterday, it was over 7 years old, so we are not unhappy, we are looking at expensive modern Dyson V8, but I do like a clean house and with a couple of cats we require a powerful model. 
Later a quiet evening in together, maybe a film to watch, all cosy and warm, I love weekends like this. 


  1. Sounds like you've had the perfect weekend, Marlene. Your tree looks lovely. We don't bother with decorations, but I do like to see other people's.

  2. Your house looks so very cheery and inviting.

  3. I love stay at home weekends too. The best kind. I'd hate to be out amongst the throngs of Christmas shoppers. Fortunately mine's just about done and I can enjoy a relatively stress free December.

  4. I love getting all the decorations out, as you say, they bring back so many happy memories. I love my Dyson, they are expensive but worth it in my opinion. It's important to have a good vacuum cleaner when you've got pets, Archie moults so much.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful week-end! Your tree is so pretty. I have the same kind, full of memories.

  6. Before you buy a new one, have you rang them up? For a set price they will come and restore it to like new. £90 I think is the top if it.needs a new motor. I've done this a few times over the years.
    I gave our old one that I kept in the shed - for one of those trade in offers - to Niss 22 n paid for the service. It was rebuilt for £90 plus £20 for a new filter ( they are not included) and it's as good as new!
    Your decorations look wonderful. Hope you sail through work x

  7. How cosy and welcoming! Shame about the Dyson but here's to the next 7 years with the next one :)

  8. I do like Dyson, when mine needed replacing I went for a cordless dyson I love not being restricted by a cord.

  9. Your tree and decorations look very pretty. I just finished decorating for Christmas too. I still have to put boxes away but I decided to take a break and read some blogs. By the time I get it all done, it'll be time to put it away!



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