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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Eve

My amaryllis has opened, just two flowers, 
pale and beautiful
 Sam made Christmas cards at school
I love the schools print them out to use as a fundraiser
 I saw these beautiful glass baubles on sale
Two designs 5 for £7.50, just had to have them
 I also got tulips for 99p, the water beads I got earlier in the month
I will plant the bulbs in a glass pot with the beads.
 I have found a local hospice charity shop, with a great craft section, these threads were a great price. I also got just over 2 meters of heavy fluffy textured cotton for £7.00, I have been looking for red material for ages. So nothing broke the bank, and the cost of these items have been added to my stash list.
 I was given this from a lady I work with, I took her in a gift,
 neither of us had said we had anything, so it was a nice surprise. 
Christmas Eve is here, I have skipped between feeling festive and then not bothered all through the month, and this last week. Our Floor boss on Thursday was in a foul mood, so we all kept our head low and worked, it's a shame because we have all seen a much nicer side to him. We took in party food on Wednesday, which became a fun day.
We all finished yesterday just after mid day, so I popped to a local garden center and got hubby a couple of stocking fillers, I was very aware his stocking this year was full of foodie things.
Mid afternoon I spent time with eldest daughter and grandsons Josh and Sam, we had a treat in the local cafe and went to the park, so the boys could have some exercise on the playing area, it was cold, so we did not stay out too long, but it was good to see them all happy.
Today hubby and I are out to lunch, we will pop in to see some friends, later we are out for a prebooked meal, so an enjoyable day ahead.
Tomorrow, just 4 of us, but that suits us, having grown up with huge numbers for Christmas lunch, I like a quiet day.


  1. You've got some lovely things there Marlene, the tulips are just gorgeous. Nice to see the amaryllis open for Christmas. Have a lovely time.

  2. What beautiful things, the amaryllis is a beauty and at the other end of things those threads were a bargain, well spotted!

    Enjoy the day tomorrow, best wishes.

  3. Merry Christmas from our house to yours :-)

  4. Your flowers are beautiful and the cards very sweet.

  5. Hoping you and yours have the best day ever! MERRY CHRISTMAS x Gorgeous nails! Xx



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