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Friday 16 December 2016

Christmas Jumper day

My 12 days of Christmas swap arrived yesterday
Thank you Debbie, I hope you enjoy the gifts I sent to you
 It's getting festive here
 My Amaryllis is breaking into flower
Christmas jumper day at work
Things are coming together quiet nicely at work and home, at work we are still busy, but everything should slow down by the middle of next week, we finish on Friday 23rd lunch time,  and return back to work on 3rd Jan, so a great break. We are planning a trip home to the village in Somerset to celebrate the New Year, we go each year, it's not about the drinking, just meeting loads of old friends all out for a lovely evening.
At home we are almost ready for the big C, hubby has a couple of supermarket trips to make, but he is retired and has time to go in the day. Our celebrations won't be huge again this year, we don't have a food mountain for the festive season, but we do have what we feel we require to enjoy our break.
I was given £60.00 gift card from work, a nice surprise, it will keep to the New Year, if and when I do require something.


  1. No need to go over the top, we are being sensible as well, what a lovely surprise for you.

  2. I hope you have a great holiday!

  3. Looks like your Amaryllis will be in bloom for Christmas. I never think of doing that, getting one ready for Christmas.

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. It's getting exciting with all the swaps arriving at their destinations. You've got a nice long break from work so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy Christmas to the full.

  5. Your swap does look nicely packaged.
    A great pic of the Christmas jumpers at work



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