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Thursday 29 December 2016

In between time again.

Last look at my stash list
I did save almost £100 on last year, I aimed for £200, but failed after an expensive trip out with my sister, still I have loads of Christmas material in my stash. 
I love to be able to go to a material stash when feeling creative. 
I am doing another list in 2017, not set myself a target, just see where it leads me. I would be happy without an increase in my spending on craft. 
I am enjoying 12 days of Christmas, here is the first 4 gifts,
I do love a book to read
We popped to Dun Elm for some fabric, it's the nearest shop to us
But this fell into my basket, far too cheap to leave behind
 I have a choice of two fabric's for the handles for my patchwork carrier. 
I have done some more sewing, but I will show photo's in my next post.
I am really pleased with my reading this year, I have a tag at the top of the page 'books', I have listed all the books there, it's great to be able to look back. 
On the poor side, I have not stitched so much in the past few months. I never worry when the cross stitching bug goes away, it has always come back to me. My finished items has been more about sewing, which I also love. I think I am gearing myself up for when I retire from work, having so many hobbies will keep me busy, but as its 3 years away, I do as much as I can.
Last night youngest daughter and her hubby came for tea, and they took loads of food home with them. Hubby did the last minute shopping, and over shopped, so we had loads of things in the fridge which won't last past end of the year. I hate food waste and through the year we have been very good, but hubby got carried away, loads of things still unopened. 
I am itching to take the decorations down, so later I will pack them away, before driving tomorrow to Somerset for the New Year with family.
We are having sunny cold days, Tuesday we woke to a heavy frost, it does mean the heating is on most of the day, but I can't stand being cold. I do enjoy having so many days without anything to do, how often do we get to stay at home without plans, to fill or waste as we please. 


  1. I picked up a bargain the Morrison's this morning, its on my blog.

    Not sure what has happened to my cross-stitch bug, think someone swatted it because I haven't done any cross-stitch for about four years, the whole time I've been retired!!!!!!!!

    Have a good time in Somerset. I live in Somerset, by the sea next to the moors.

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. You saved £100 so that is still very good. I am still waiting for my Amaryllis to open I think within the next day or two it will be out.

  3. Well done on the saving this year.
    I haven't put a stitch into anything for over 2 weeks, have had the cough/cold bug that been about :-(
    Have a lovely new year away with your family.
    Happy New Year!



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