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Monday, 5 December 2016


Last years blog book
these are an indulgence for me, I now have 7 books 
 Reading, one finished and one just started,
got a question for you all later in this post
 More bunting, this is for me
 So quick and easy to make.
 I love pomegranates, so different from most fruits
plus I want to try and grow these seeds. 
I am very pleased with my 7th book, I had 50% off, so it was the cheapest one so far, I have read it and can't find any mistakes, I normally find one or two silly little things I miss.
I enjoyed making the bunting, it only takes a couple of hours, I buy lovely ribbons to stitch it on so the whole effect is pretty.
I am up for another challenge, so my window sill will have pomegranate seeds, hoping I can get  a nice plant to grow, I still have to try and get a Kiwi past the seedling stage. So the sunny warm window sill here in my office should work well, we have a radiator under the desk top and as hubby now is home in the days, the heating is on more often.
We have our new Dyson, thank you Rachel for your suggest to have it serviced, but I have been wanting the smaller Dyson for ages, we only have 2 rooms with carpets, so the smaller one is better.
I have a tab at the top of my blog 'Books', where I list all the books I read, I am lucky I have joined a reading group in work and we swap books, plus we are collecting books for a library, so loads of chances to discover new authors.
I was thinking, with so many of us loving to read, would anyone like to join in a swap, I was thinking if you chose one paperback  book you loved and would like to send it to someone for them to read, and in return you would be sent a book. I would collect a list of names and ensure everyone would send and receive a book, I'm not sure of the postage, but I don't think it would be too bad. Let me know what you think, we could do it for January 2017.


  1. I have made a start on a blog book thanks to your suggestion, it will be more of a winter project when time allows :-)

  2. I'd definitely be up for the book swap but how would it work? What if the person you're sending to has already read the book you're sending? Would you have to check with them first?

  3. The book swap sounds like a great idea x

  4. I love the idea of a blog book.

  5. I've sent books out before. I'm pretty sure postage was only £2.80 or whatever the minimum parcel rate is. I can't remember now who I posted it to, but I included the postage money for them to send it on. It's s good feeling to share something you've enjoyed. Your blog book looks FANTASTIC!

  6. I live the idea of a blog book! Do you put comments in there as well?



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