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Friday, 26 October 2012

Stitching update

 I have done more to sweet flowers, these are very pretty and quick to stitch, 
but below is a quicky I have started
 Most of the top half shown here. 
 I started this quicky when I realised I only had a week to finish it, 
I love the look of the kitten, with the big eyes. 
 I am not collecting the whole set of these, but I do like the crochet boxes in this book, and the round cushion in book 4. I have limited time at this point so I am not doing much with my crochet.
 Grace is still not sleeping in her basket, she loves the edge of this rug,
right where we walk, 
she looks as if she is on guard.
Yesterday it was Sam's 2nd birthday, we went to Mobys with his little friend in the morning, it was great fun, because all the bigger children was at school, the little ones were able to go any where, Sam loved the big slide, so mummy and myself took it in turns to go through the play area, climbing to the top of the slide and going down with him, one time all three of us went together, so much laughter. I had Sam in the afternoon, we picked Josh up from school, and after a trip into W H Smiths to purchase Moshi Monsters stuff for Josh, we had tea in McDonald's and then home for birthday cake. I forgot my camera, so no photo's just memories.

Kev and I have another day off today, we hope to go shopping in Chichester, so a more grown up day.
I have ordered my 2nd blog book 2009/2010, I put both years together, which matched the size of 2011, should be here around the 8th.
We have nothing planned for the weekend, hope to see Sammy and Josh on Sunday, just a stay at home time together, the following weekend we are away.

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