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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Life's ups and downs.

 For some one who is not good with heights, I do get myself in the most strange of places,  these pods were very interesting, the view was fantastic, once I got over my shock of being in it. These are on their way down at almost the half way point.
 We stayed just outside Derby, I have never been in this area of England before, it was stunning, once up the top we went into a mine, which dropped into the hill side deep, I'm not good in confined spaces either, so it was a relief once we were down at ground level again.
 The village, Matlock Bath, was a bikers haven, the main street was full of all types of bikes, not boy races, but real bikers, hubby loved looking around.
 This I could not pass by, it was on top of the ice cream booth, we were able to walk up and around the booth, it appeals to my sense of humour, another silly cow.
We got back yesterday, tired but happy after a fun filled weekend, can't wait for Josh to visit this weekend, hubby brought a Scalextric set, with two Aston Martins and loads of track. Gav has already said he will pop in to see it, so a boys day on Saturday.

I have not done any stitching, no time and I have brought a ball of Grey Aran wool to make a cushion for Su,  she saw one in the shops but wanted me to make her one, so I will get out my knitting needles and work out the pattern, you can get a better view here


  1. Those cable cars look like the Heights of Abraham to me.

  2. I just do not think I could ride in those pods! LOL!

  3. Haven't been to Derbyshire for ages - you look as though you had a great time :)



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