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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bored on a Saturday

 My little kittie is growing, only the pumpkin to do, there are loads of half stitches on here, so I am doing on 18 count, which is large for me. But it has such a cute face, should be finished soon.

Su sent me a photo of her bed with the knitted cushion on, they have just finished decorating this room, I thought grey sounded dull, but I like the look, I'm glad to see she loves the buttons.
 This is our spare bed, the quilt was made by my sister Leanna, the patchwork cushion by the cats was made by Su when she was at junior school and I made all three along the back.
 My cyclemen is doing well, the window sill gets loads of sun through out the day. The white flowers look so sharp against the dark green of the leaves.

I have spend loads of time clearing up today, I started in the garden with the leaves, and cutting back plants which are closing down for winter. Then I came into my office and sorted loads of cross stitch patterns, then I sorted my big drawer, you know the one full of junk. I am restless, or bored, not ready to sit and stitch yet, soon it will be dinner time, then we will watch a film.

PS started the Christmas present shop today, but after the trip into Fareham, I think we will be on the internet alot. 4 purchased still loads to go.


  1. The kitty is so cute! Love it so far.

  2. Your kitten is looking good.

    The grey pillow looks so nice on the bed. You did a great job on it and Su decorated the room in my taste :)

  3. Those beds look really inviting with the lovely snuggly cushions on them.

    Cute kitty!

  4. The kitten looks so cute:) Love the grey cushion - it goes so well with the bedding too :)



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