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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Stay with me

 Sweet flowers are out again, I stitched last night, completing the second to last flowers, after I have stitched the top bunch, I have just the header to finish. Next time I will show you it as a whole. Life is great when my stitching is on the go. I am looking forward to doing a small quicky for Halloween next.
My travelling penguin, is on the move again, you can see how Nicole of The Best of the Best, stitched him here.  He is now with Katie from Just a Little Stitching, I'm not sure where Katie is based,

My knitting is finished, Su just needs to pick it up, it's for her bed, I am pleased with the finish, here it's in Kev's big chair, I loved stitching cable, but with 120 stitches and 32"/ 82cm in length, it got very heavy. I love the back better than the front, the chunky buttons make it, I won't know until Su see's it finished, which she prefers.
 The pattern I loved, The triple cable is very easy, stitched over 12 sts, 3 x 4sts, with a twist every 6 rows, each time taking the outer 4 stitches to the middle, bringing them to the front. The centre V is 20 sts, 1st row purl2, knit1,P14,K1,P2, on the next row you move the V a stitch closer to the centre, doing this by slipping the K stitch on a 3rd needle purl 1 and the knit the stitch on the 3rd needle, once the two knit stitches are together, on the next row you start again. Every 24 rows you should be at the start of the patterns. I did 7 stitches of moss stitch on each side and also at the top, where the buttons are placed.
 These Cyclamens are on my desk, the white one is mine and sits on the sunny windowsill by my desk, the pink one is for a friend, she has moved just around the corner, so it's our 1st visit to her new house this asfternoon.
 Grace is having her treats, she helps herself from the tub, she is not greedy, if I put the tub down for Purdy, she would eat most of them. Both cats have decided again they do not want to share their basket, so I have packed it away and got out the two smaller baskets, but they are sleeping all over the house.
It's a very lazy weekend here, hope to go out on our bikes soon, we do have  light rain here, but I hope it will stop soon. I saw Joshy on Friday, he went to his school disco, I babysat,  Sammy was asleep, I did check him, but he was fast asleep. After the disco Josh was showing me his dance moves, I got him some glow in the dark Moshi Monsters, so he was keen to go to bed to see how well they worked.
The most exciting thing so far is having my hair cut and booking my pre Chrismas colours. I was not as extreme as Paula, she had her pony tail cut off.

If you stayed to the end, thank you, hope you are having fun with your loved ones.

PS I'm looking for a book to read, any suggestions!


  1. The cushion is lovely and the buttons add to it. Love cyclamens - think I will have to get some this year. Can't wait to see your halloween project.

  2. Fabulous cushion, the cable pattern looks so lovely.
    Cyclamens do add such a burst of colour to a windowsill this time of year, i hope your friend will be very happy in her new home.



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