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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

More of the same

 I have done more on Sweet Flowers, I so love stitching this, I'm on the top final panel, just grey and pinks here. Kitty won't be finished by tomorrow evening, but she is too pretty to be packed away once done.
 My 2nd book has arrived, it's 2009/2010, which really makes it my 1st book, the two years are together, which makes it about the right size to match 2011, and 2012 looks to be heading for the same number of pages. I am really pleased to have these records of my blog, my oldest daughter is very keen to have them once I am done with them.
 Inside it's just my post in date order, I have tried to set the page layouts so they are not all the same, I did put all the titles at the same level, so there is some order. 2012 in my work in progress, I will take them to my sisters this weekend for her to see. You can see more on my 1st book here
This post is number 399, so I can see a RAK in my next post, not sure what it will be, but I will put a package together to send anywhere, so leave a message here . I will post over the weekend and find items to send out.

Work is manic at the moment, we have far to much to do, so I am running out of time each day and I refuse to work late, they do not offer overtime, so we will have to see how things go. But I do have a half day on Friday and Monday off, then I'm next off between Christmas and the New Year, so I am loving these short weeks.

I hope you are all OK in America after the storm, the photo's on the news are terrible and I hope every thing settles soon, and you all stay warm and safe.


  1. Beautiful stitching.The books are a great idea:)

  2. Safe and sound here i n western New Yirk, The real ravages are akong the Atlantic Coast and into West Virginia . . . where they have been hit by a freak snow storm caused by the hurricane meeting a cold front.

    Just read Joshy and Belle . . . is your daughter okay?

  3. Great stitching. I love your books such a cool memory.

  4. Thanx for visiting my blog. The Grand Marquoir is so great to stitch. Love your stitching to.



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