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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I'm so excited

My knitting is really growing, 25" or 64cm, which ever you prefer, well over half way, I want it to be big, so I will use all the wool in my giant ball, I am using a pillow in side, cut down to a square, I always keep a few spare for use as stuffing, this will wrap around and have huge buttons on the back. So you can see why my stitching has come to a halt.
 My book came today, Florentine Embroidery by Barbara Muller, I got it from Amazon, it was not cheap, I had to pay £20.00 for it, but it is out of print and there are not many around, I have seen it on sale for over £40.00, so I was pleased with the price.
 The patterns inside are great, I love  projects which fill the material with stitches, this is all different length long stitch, so it is quick to sew. I want to use my silks (Floss) and have a neat shiny finish.
 Here is a cushion I have had for about 10 years, for ages it was in the spare chair, but now it lives on my spare bed, I purchased it as a kit, it's stitched with crewel wool, I love the colours, and the balance of the pattern. I am going to have another look at my waiting in the wings, and re access what I am doing next.
The weather has been very kind in the past couple of days, heavy rain at night, but cool sunny days, so I have walked in my lunch break, it's a bit dark to cycle after work, so we must plan a trip on the weekend.

Well I waited and Blurb, who I have my second year book for this blog has sent me another discount for my next book, so over the weekend I will give it it's final 2/3 reads to ensure all is OK, I don't want to see loads of mistakes once in print.

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  1. Your knitting is lovely - can't wait to see that finished. Like your cushion too - the colours are really nice :) Have a nice weekend.



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