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Saturday 7 April 2012

Normal Saturday

 It's just a normal Saturday morning here, been to the hairdressers for my haircut and blow dry, I am booked in for every 4 weeks, quick look around our farmers market and home for coffee and internet. Loads of blogs read, whilst drinking a mug of fresh coffee. Bliss, I like normal.
Patchwork Sampler is coming along, above was Thursdays work and below Fridays stitching. I am getting on great, but on Tuesday I'm back to work so no stitching in the day time. I hope to finish page 4 today, not alot to do now, and just 8 pages left.

 I purchased another basket for Purdy, so in true feline style she stole Graces basket, and therefore Grace just took over Purdys basket, Grace is so laid back. Both baskets are by our patio doors, so they can sleep in the sunshine and see out into the garden.
 Hubby playing games on the computer, sat next to me, he is hooked on "Zuma"
The rest of the day is home together, we went shopping on Thursday and I purchased my first fancy bra in two years, still not able to wear it, but it waiting in my drawer, just a couple of weeks to go. I am healing very well, our bodies are amazing, and the surgeons who put us back together are artist. I am feeling so very good, my tummy tuck is fantastic, and the skin used form my tummy to construct my new boob is doing well.  I have so much more movement in my left arm, I feel as if the cloud has gone and there is sun shine all the way, after two years I feel free.


  1. As always your sewing is delightful - the colours are lovely. Glad you are on the mend and yes our bodies are amazing:) Your cats look so contented as does your husband playing games !!Cannot believe you are going back to work already? Have a nice Easter

  2. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! Your stitching is delightful and I love watching it progress. And tell your husband he has good taste in games - I'm stuck on my mobile version of zuma called marble blaster. Played all 80 levels within a few days of each other.

  3. When I was in High SChool there was a National Traveking group of singers called UP WITH PEOPLE. One of their songs was "Freedom Isn't Free." Your post about beibg free after twi years reminded me of tis line in that song:

    Freedom isn't free,
    freedom isn't free,
    you got to sacrifice,
    you gotta pay the price . . .

    It ends "for your liverty" but I think it works for you . . you have sacrificed and paid the price for 2 years . . now the freedom is fginally here . .well, two weeks at least away :0}

    Tell the hubster I am a ZUMA addict also.



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