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Monday, 9 April 2012

A different entrance

 After a wet morning, with lots of fun with Josh and Sammy, Fliss and Steve, which involved chocolate eggs and tales of the fun had with Grandma in Manchester. The weather dried up and we decided to have a walk.

We drove to our local castle here in Portchester, but decided to miss the crowds and walk a different way, this lane takes you down to the sea, and past these lovely bluebells, a true sign of the warmer weather to come.
Giving us lovely views of the coast line as we walk down the lane, this one toward Gosport with the navy boats in port.
 We are now at the waters edge and viewing the castle and its fortress walls. There is a dry moat just past the mounds of earth.
 At the point are the fishermen, a popular place for them. Opposite, across the water is wasteland, a small marina and the Portsmouth naval base, with the dry docks and the historical part with HMS Nelson, HMS Warrior and The Mary Rose.
 This is a popular place for sailing, there is a small yacht club next to the castle, so the fishermen have boats sailing by all day, plus all the walkers, very interesting place to spend time. I have not shown photo's from inside you can find them here
 It was great fun, nice to get out, I am avoiding garden centre's because I will want to buy items to plant, and gardening is not allowed, yet! Later I was able to do a bit more stitching, here is my progress, I did more work on page 3, finishing another circle and bits around it. I love the colours. I have half a circle pattern not started, the design has an error on the colour to use, every one I have seen stitched shows green here, so I will stitch all around it and then decide which shade of green to use.
Su and Gav came here for a meal last night, it was fun, we chatted most of the evening, no TV which is great.
Today is Easter Monday, so we all have the day off, and it's raining, too wet to go out, so a day planned inside, no jobs to do in the house, so fun time, I was hoping to do some finishing of a couple of projects, but I'm not sure I will be comfortable enough, so I have pencilled them in for next Saturday. So more stitching and watching a couple more episodes of Downton Abbey. I love lazy days at home, not sure about Kev, he dose get bored, will have to wait and see how we get along.


  1. lovely photos Marlene! Everything is looking so nice and colourful at the moment!

  2. Local castle . . lolol

    WHat a thing to say. It just sounds so odd "Local Castle" when we have none anywhere in our country.

    Now, there are mansions built to resemble castles, but non of the real thing.

    When I was in England I was lucky to visit DOver Castle and WIndsor. Then, in Heidelberg, we visited the castle there. Oh, and we also visited a castle built in the middle of the Rhine River. It was built as a "toll both" for the boats that sailed into some Lord's area of the river. It was quite nice.

    One day, I shall return to England and and go to SCotland with the hopes of visiting a distant cousin who lives in my g-g grandpa's hometown of Edinburg. Then, I shal visit all my friends who live in England.

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. gorgeos stitching. looks like a lovely castle.



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