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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Is that me

 Denise at Riverside stitching posted a photo of herself in her Prom dress, well in Somerset in the 70's we did not have proms, in fact I was almost never in a dress, but I found out this photo.
I was just 16 at the time and we are on a visit to Stonehenge, those were the days when you could walk through the stones and touch them, now you have to walk around the outside, and never allowed near them.
I don't remember having legs that long, or was it just the very short dress. My mum looks smart, but then she always did! and my two younger brother were never that cute.

 I have finished the bottom block on sweet flowers and am getting on well with the middle block below, almost every thing is different, the pale pink out pattern should be grey, the flower should be the darker pink and the green was not even on the designers pattern, but I felt it needed a bit of a mix up in the middle.
 I just thought there was too much grey in the middle, I am also going to change the next layer and mix up the colours. I am stitching it on one over using Zweigart, Lugana, 25ct it's better than aida and more even than linen.
It's been a busy afternoon, had my check up in the hospital, after my big operation, and all is great, I will need another small op in August, just to balance my size, which will be just one night in hospital, but I am feeling good. My tummy tuck is healing, all 19" of it, and I am loving my figure in my jeans, no muffin top! Going shopping this weekend for clothes for our holiday in 4 weeks.

Later I brought myself a new car, which I pick up next Wednesday, feeling guilty regarding my 307, it's been the best car a girl could have and I will miss it, I had loads of fun in that car.


  1. Hi Marlene

    I love your photo! We never had a prom night either):

    Your Sweet Flowers is looking so pretty, I love the colours.

    Happy new car, hope you have fun with it.

  2. WOW . . that's all I can say about your legs and the sampler!

  3. Wow - look at those legs! And now to have a new body and car to go with them! Congrats!

    Your stitch is looking very nice - way to go.

  4. Pretty Sampler
    I remember when you could wal round Stonehenge too....
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. It's always fun to look at old pics.



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